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Watch incredible fan-made title sequence for ‘Man of Steel’


I can’t help but admire the devotion to a comic book or a character that leads some fans to create tributes in the form of tribute films, webseries, or trailers for motion pictures that will probably never exist — and I wish I had that sort of passion for a work of fiction (and, y’know, the talent and resources to do something like that).

Luckily for us, however, the folks at the production company Will & Tale don’t lack in any of those areas, and gleefully undertook a three-month “passion project” to create an unofficial title sequence for director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

Unlike many similar fan-created videos, this one doesn’t include any footage borrowed from trailers, video games or other movies: Everything was done by Will & Tale, with impressive results. You can even see some of the process on the blog.

“The story we developed is a take on our favorite superhero, Superman,” the introduction states. “We created a narrative of news anchors and eyewitnesses highlighting major events throughout Clark Kent’s life. It was important to have Clark’s story told by the world and show how he has impacted the lives of others.”

Man of Steel opens nationwide June 14.




Derek Metaltron

April 24, 2013 at 1:27 pm

That… was… awesome. Seriously, some comic fans with the video editing techie know now are so amazing, things like this or the Superman: Doomsday Trilogy, Batinthesun’s many awesome Dark Knight Fan Films and Super Power Beatdowns, Blinky500’s Punisher and Daredevil Shorts… all beautiful stuff. If I had a smidge of this tech know-how coupled with my imagination and enough time I would so do a Captain Britain short or film.

Anyway, great work guys, you’ve done fandom proud.

Very cool!

WOW!! Can I see that movie? LOL! Really nice job indeed! Thanks so much for sharing!

That actually gave me chills at the end.

Wow….well done.

That was awesome right up until the part with Superman hovering at the end. That looked like quite poor work. Up until then though it was pure class and I loved it.

That….was seriously freaking amazing! I would pay to see this movie! LOVED the Smallville trophies!

Very cool, but I have to agree with Bem that the last shot was weak.

Always nice to have negative feedback isn’t it? What do they say? Those with the littlest amount of talent are also those with the most amount of criticism?

Your trailer was awesome. All of it.

@ Jamie- I don’t think it is unfair to highlight what did not work in the video. In fact, it would seem like that kind of feedback would be exactly the kind of thing comment sections are made for.

I agree with the authors of the two posts that you seem to be responding to- the title sequence was amazing and something I could not even begin to attempt myself. But yes, in my opinion (and it seems in the opinion of at least two other viewers), the last shot of Superman hovering was distracting and did not meet the same excellent standard of the rest of the clip. It pulled me out of the viewing experience, which I am sure the person who created the video did not intend to do. I am sure that the creator did his best with what was available, but it is not small or petty to point out that everything worked in the video except for the closing shot. Feel free to disagree with my opinion, but attacking those who disagree with you seems to be small and petty.

James Crankyman

April 24, 2013 at 7:49 pm

@Kevin, total agreement. If something doesn’t work, people should have the right to respectfully discuss their feelings about it rather than getting smacked in the face by someone whose opinion differs from yours. This isn’t a YouTube comments section where every other person is a dickish troll. I’m in agreement that the final moment, however dramatic, looks a little poorer than every other part of this. It’s still incredibly well done, and I can certainly appreciate the intent behind what they were trying to do. It’s not so much that it didn’t work; it just doesn’t look that great.

@Jamie, take this as you will.

I could imagine something like this as the opening credits to the sequel to Man of Steel, a story after the character has been (re)introduced.

And oh, I didn’t even catch it at first, but I like the fact that Lois’ story is published on April 18th – the anniversary of Action Comics #1.

I disagree. I don’t think this is the type of forum asking for a critical analysis of a fan’s work. It’s been put out there as an example of one fan’s love of Superman. He’s not a professional and you haven’t paid any money. IMO in these cases I believe that if you don’t have anything positive to say, then keep it to yourself. Especially if it’s not constructive criticism. Saying something is poor is not helpful at all. It’s not helping anyone. All it’s doing is making the fan feel like shit.

If you want to criticise then make it constructive and focus on the positive – What can he do to improve that last shot? What kind of software etc.

And please forgive me if I don’t appear overly sensitive to a bunch of guys who spent 30 seconds writing a comment criticising someone who has obviously spent hours, days, or weeks working on this project. Hopefully this fan isn’t as sensitive as you guys.

@Jamie, it says flat out while this is a “fan film” they are professionals which means they can handle a little criticism (not “littlest” which isn’t a word). Clearly if they do this for a living they’re not as sensitive as you.

That said, I agree they’d have been better off without the final shot which shows the weakness of the animation, but my problem is the Smallville athletic success. I never agree with anyone who suggests that Martha & Jonathan would let their superpowered son defeat regular boys. It’s completely unethical and goes against the value system that makes him into Superman.

@Badthingus, nicely said about the professional credentials of the creators. I had a similar initial reaction about the athletics trophies, but I thought that it may not have been clear to the Kents that Clark would develop exceptional abilities. Perhaps when he began accumulating so many trophies they realized that he should not continue to participate in athletics and capitalize (sp?) on his gifts, but they may have been slow to recognize that he was indeed gifted in an unfair manner. Just because he arrived from outer space, since he looked human and acted human, there may not have been an assumption that he would develop all of the gifts that we associate with Superman.

I rather watch this movie than the depressing one coming out.

Bronze Age Baby-68

April 25, 2013 at 9:07 pm


I really liked the trailer.

Lot of rude people here who like to pat each other on the back too.

That was cool. Ignore the haters. World’s fulla them. Gotta make one for the Justice League film now!!!

Considering how awesome this is, and that these guys made it for pure fun and our enjoyment, it does seem like a waste of time to rattle off paragraphs about why 5 seconds didn’t sit with you. Yes, you have the right to do it, but why do you want to? If there’s improvements to be made in their technique, you dont think they know that? Artists always see the flaws of their own work; getting it down and moving forward is the key to having a body of work. So, I’d rather say, great job, so these guys keep giving me free amazing fan films and get better with the natural course of their experience.

The only criticism I WOULD offer is: now do one for a film that isn’t in the can, like the Flash! You might actually be able to sell that one!

O M G… this is a trailer that would make me go and pay for a movie theater ticket.Thi guys s hould be hired to do more of this.

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