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WC13 | Dark Horse to adapt Lucas’ original ‘Star Wars’ draft


In what Lucasfilm and Dark Horse call “the biggest event in the history of Star Wars comics,” the publisher revealed over the weekend at WonderCon it will adapt George Lucas’ rough-draft original screenplay for the 1977 blockbuster.

Debuting in September, the eight-issue miniseries will be written by LucasBooks Executive Editor J.W. Rinzler and drawn by Mike Mayhew.

Lucas’ original version, called The Star Wars, featured elements that found their way, in substantially altered form, into ground-breaking movie franchise: “lazer swords,” Jedi Annikin Starkiller, General Luke Skywalker, an alien Han Solo, and evil Sith Knights.

“I’m not sure where I first read about The Star Wars—it was years and years ago — but the idea of Luke Skywalker being an older Jedi General, and Han Solo being a six-foot-tall lizard, turned my Star Wars fan brain on its side,” longtime Star Wars editor Randy Stradley said in a statement. “I always assumed this would be one of those stories that would be ‘lost to history,’ so getting to work on bringing it to life is kinda like a dream come true.”

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could be great seeing as disney and marvel would have done this first

I would love to read this, having never actually read the original script.

Man, I wish this entire Star Wars rubbish ceased with the first movie back in the 70’s. So bloody annoying. Still remember bunch of teenage brats going “OH, GEE! THIS IS THE BEST THING IN THE EXISTANCE!”. And then all the talk how it was groundbreaking… yeah, the thing that looks like a TV movie is soooo “groundbreaking”… How stupid. Space odyssey 2001 was groundbreaking, this thing… not at all. Bad special effects, awful dialog, wooden performance by everyone… Sir Alec had every right to trash it.

Sorry, George, but I have to disagree. I’ve seen 2001 and it was boring as hell unless you enjoy watching paint dry. If you personally don’t like the Star Wars franchise, that’s your right but you’re in the minority (though I do think the prequel trilogy sucked). When the Ep IV came out, it set a new standard for all sci-fi adventure films after it and there is a damn good reason why it’s one of the most beloved films of all time.

April 1st….


I take it you’re one of those “Switch off your brain and enjoy” type of people, eh?

Yeah George Adam… I take it your one of those “Switch of your brain” type of peole, he?

There is something to be said for mindless entertainment, George. Not every piece of entertainment has to be thought provoking art that speaks to the human condition.

I read this script many many moons ago and it’s really good. I’d say it’s actually BETTER than “A New Hope”. Quite a bit different, too.

I’d actually buy this one, and I’m generally not a fan of STAR WARS comics.

I believe nothing that I read today.


It still needs to have quality and that’s something Star Wars lacks completely.

@Ziza9 — yeah, I really wish this had been posted tomorrow. If this is real, I’ll buy the hell out of it. I’m skeptical, though!

Yes, George, it’s complete dreck. That’s why there are millions and millions of fans, countless books, comics, movies, cartoons, etc. etc. We get it, you hated it. Why complain about it on the internet? Why did you even both reading this article? There are numerous things I dislike and I simply ignore them. Why not ignore Star Wars and leave the rest of us alone with your complaining?

They say it was announced at Wondercon…so was anyone there to hear the announcement? The April Fool’s “announcements” are usually a little easier to weed out from the real ones. Who knows? I am also in the group who would buy this if it is real.

There, you got your attention, George. Will you fuck off now and troll somewhere else, please?

Oh someone didn’t like like 2001: Sapce Odessey, they must be soooooo dumb.

I would have bought this…..

Well put LC, I am intrigued by this project as well, Mayhew’s preview art looks great!

The press release makes a point of saying it’s not a joke, so hey, we’ll see.

I wish they would have done this a while ago. I remember reading in a couple of places how Lucas’s first few scripts were very different from what the final movie ended up looking like, and the luke being a general think sounds familiar. Hopefully they’ll take inspiration both from the script and Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art based on the script. If they do that, this should be awesome


Justin Beiber has a lot of fans too, yet his songs are horrendous. And then there’s Twilight…

I actually don’t ever get Star Wars comments… but I’m really interested in seeing how this goes.



“There, you got your attention, George. Will you fuck off now and troll somewhere else, please?”

Did the TV raise you instead of your parents?

This is legit > artist Mike Mayhew confirmed on his Twitter.

At any rate, I am in. I love Mike’s art and always wanted to read this.

@George, Justin Beiber and Twilight will not endure for 35 years. Much like disco, which was popular at the time of Ep IV, they will fade away like all fads. If Star Wars sucked as much as you profess, it too would have faded away.

All the April 1st naysayers need to do a little research, this was announced yesterday at Wondercon, it’s not a joke.

Ground breaking movie franchise Lazer Swords? Never heard of it. Are you sure this isn’t some elaborate April fools joke?

Oh, trolls: strange creatures of the internet, unwilling to accept that someone, somewhere likes something theymay not, so they go ahead and troll the fuck out of the releated article to make their voice heard.


Disco was killed by Rock and roll fans. Popularity of Beiber and Twilight seems to be increasing rather than decreasing… despite the lack of quality…

Jeez, George, give it a rest. Sean Cassidy and Leaf Garret were teen idols in the 70s just like Beiber is now. Are they stil putting out albums? Disco died because it was a fad. How the hell did Rock fans kill it and if they did, how come they haven’t kiled Rap?

Isn’t it time to head back under the bridge?

“How the hell did Rock fans kill it and if they did, how come they haven’t kiled Rap?”

Ask your parents (or simply check Wikipedia). Too many brats keep rap alive (which will happen and IS happening with Beiber too).

Ask my parents? is that the best you can do?

I lived it and disco died because it grew tiresome and repetitive, much like your arguments.


Of course you have.

This is an awesome idea. Add another one to my pull list.

Cool this is indeed.. At a Con many years ago, I won a 4th revised shooting script for Star Wars. I was what 11, 12 years old. The title.. The Adventures of Luke Starkiller as taken from the “Journal of the Whills” by George Lucas.. Dated March 15, 1976.. I’m gonna have to dust it off and give it a read.. :)

I just can’t get past Mayhew’s traced photo art. It doesn’t matter how good the story is with frankenshopped/traced photos.

@ George Adam

You’re main argument against Star Wars is 2001 – movie that ends on 10 minute sequence of a helicopter shot of the desert shot through a filter that makes it look like you’re having an LSD trip… because? Random? It’s a pretentious movie that uses a lot of random stuff to make it look like it’s saying something, when really it’s a couple of decent scenes stitched together with random to trick the audience into thinking it’s deeper than it actually is.

Oh yeah, Star Wars totally sucks. And they got worse? have you ever actually watched Empire Strikes Back? It’s a sci-fi film I can show to non-sci-fi fans and they’ll enjoy it because it has solid character arcs weaved together with a genuinely exciting plot that can be both tense while also knowing when to slow things down. George Lucas said he felt it was the weakest of his scripts, and the fact that it’s so beloved is a testament to the people brought on to punch up the script and the director, the late Irvin Kirshner. I’ll admit that A New Hope can have stiff acting at times and the dialogue can be clunky, but it’s still better than 2001, and the first two sequels were even better (despite those damn ewoks) as Harrison Ford grew into a much better actor and George started playing less of a role in the films.

I read a little of it that was in a Documentry by slowing it down. Man, it’s got characters you’ve never heard of mixed in characters you have who know each other. There was some political stuff inspired by the 70s. Very different.

I believe JJ Abrams will be a fantastic addition to the Star Wars family. He has a wonderful way of telling a story.

I agree that the original Episode IV is dry, clunky, and plagued by wooden acting under today’s standards. But then, it was phenomenal and groundbreaking for the time, and it got better as it developed–Episode V being clear proof of this. It also spawned some pretty good expanded universe material that rivals some of the films in quality. Read any of John Ostrander’s comics or James Luceno’s novels–they do Star Wars better than Star Wars does.

Besides, I’m astonished that someone on a comic book board would complain about Star Wars based on its hokey roots. Ever read the early Lee/Kirby/Ditko Marvel comics? I know we tend to hold up those three guys as “gods,” but early 1960s Marvel comics were, well, bad. The Hulk had no direction for his first issue and constantly changed his look and schtick; few of the villains in his first 6 issues are still around. I’m pretty horrified by Steve Ditko’s early Spider-Man art–sorry, I am. Errors were bountiful–the Hulk was Bruce Banner, then Bob; Spider-Man is called Peter Palmer at one point; the Hulk goes from having five toes to four to three, then back to four.

Still, we love that stuff, because the characters refined over time and eventually settled into the versions we love. Same with Star Wars–the original was cheesy, but it got better and remains fixed in our culture.

I for one, would like to attempt to derail this battle of wills between the SW vs 2001 armies, and talk about the _actual_ subject of the thread- this “The Star Wars” project. I really dig this idea- I’m not a slavish SWars fan- I haven’t had any desire to read the novels; i have read some of the comics (liked Blue harvest, Dark times and Legacy), watched Clone Wars TV show. I was a kid when Star Wars came out. More to the point, I was a STARLOG magazine reader back in those days. When SW was in pre-production, various bits of info was being released in Starlog to get people exited- Star Wars was this really mysterious thing that was going to be really big; so many of us in fandom were very exited by any tiny bit of info. What was so effective in getting my anticipation going were those fucking amazing pre-production paintings by Ralph McQuarrie – , in particular this image- and this one-

Those paintings are based on drafts like the one Dark Horse is adapting and a few later. So, for me, as a kid who was expecting _that_ film, I am really psyched to see this comic- it will be the closest thing to seeing that early draft /McQuarrie designed film- with Jedi Bendu, many sith, and all the rest of the alternative vision. Very fun.

Who is the model for the main picture?


Can’t wait for this to be released. I hear the cover is the master killing a sith with a light saber.

Thank you George Lucas for bringing it all back. We love u.

DOES ANYONE ELSE feel sorry for that poor dude who posted above– that said he wished they never made Star Wars because its stupid?

Imagine what that must be like? First, you must be a sociopath or something to wish that no one ever got to see the movies that made them so happy over the years. I dont like penicillin–I wish it didnt exist.

So here we have the reason why a person could hate star wars…they are selfish boorish weirdos

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