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Woodblock artist headlines eclectic ‘Star Wars’ event

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We’ve seen all manner of creature and creation in the Star Wars universe, but this is something else.

Subversive woodblock print artist Sean Starwars is showing off a series of Star Wars woodblock prints at the Los Angeles art gallery Coagula Curatorial on May 4, which is both Free Comic Book Day and the unofficial Star Wars fan day “May the Fourth Be With You.” The artist, who legally changed his last name to “Starwars,” is a member of a group called the Outlaw Printmakers, and has taken his passion for George Lucas’ seminal creation and put it down on wood. He will be doing screen-printing live at the event. In addition to Starwars’ work, Coagula Curatorial will also be having Star Wars costume contests, games, screen-printing, puppets and even a comedy show.

Here’s more examples of Starwars’ woodblock prints:







meh… looks like a lazy high school art project


Hey Guys- thanks for posting some of the woodcuts and info about the show at Coagula. I wasn’t gonna comment, but couldn’t resist : I don’t mind the high school art project observation as my drawing skills have never been my strong suit., but gotta shoot down the Lazy. Whether it’s my year long -one woodcut a week project , my one woodcut a day project , or my 24 woodcuts in 24 hour woodcut marathon. nobody has ever accused me of being lazy. If there is a guy out there making more woodcuts than me I haven’t heard of him.Oh yeah I like to spell Mississippi as if I went to school, and learned to spell in Mississippi , its all part of my American Dream ( finally owning a house) Missippy Nightmare theme( The house in Mississippi…..) but anyway Out of the hundreds of woodcuts I have made( only a handful of them are Star Wars themed) I bet you’d find one or two you like anyway you can check out my website if ya want. thanks.Sean

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