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World Book Night is tonight: Hunt down a free graphic novel

We reported in November on the announcement of comics making it into the roster of World Book Night for the first time ever, in the form of 2000AD/Rebellion’s The Dark Judges collection. Now World Book Night has now rolled around, and to find an event tonight where you can receive a free copy of this book, consult the list of events on the website, or take a dig around the interactive map of the United Kingdom.

I randomly clicked on a few pins and found such delights as Andover’s (famously home of The Troggs) Night of the Living Dredd, which will include a viewing of Judge Minty; this cosplay-themed giveaway at Automatic Comics in Corsham, near Bath; and this pop-up screening of Dredd at a library in Greater Manchester.

If you’re in the British Isles, chances are there will be something within range where you can pick this up, or any other from this list, which is pretty much all solid gold. Everyone else can just get by on the warm feeling of vindication as comics continues another step forward in its long journey towards legitimacy in the eyes of the literati.



Wait, is Dredd a British-only offering? I’m going to be a WBN book giver tonight, and I don’t remember Dredd being an option. I’m giving out a John Grisham book instead.

I do hope that WBN and Free Comic Book Day can collaborate in the future, given how close both events are to each other. This is only the second WBN ever, so who knows?

Yeah, following up: WBN must do different books in different countries. The list in this article ( is pretty different from what’s listed on the US site ( Makes sense, but that probably means no Dredd here! (Still, if Marvel or DC are smart, maybe they could offer some of their books next year, or even excerpts of them. All Star Superman? TDKR? Watchmen? Or maybe even the graphic novel adaptions of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the Stand, etc.?)

Interesting to see there are two events in my locality, given the sparse nature of events in Ireland. Sadly, I can get to neither event due to prior commitments.

I’m heading to the Dredd screening in a few minutes, it’s my local library :)

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