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WWE debuts Jill Thompson-designed shirt for CM Punk


CM Punk might have had a rough Sunday taking on the Undertaker and his unbeaten streak at Wrestlemania, but his week seems to be getting better: The WWE has released a new shirt for the former WWE champion designed by Beasts of Burden artist Jill Thompson.

Thompson is no stranger to the wrestling world, having designed gear for Daniel Bryan and having teamed with Mick Foley for a couple of wrestling-themed kids’ books. And Punk,a comics fan, recently penned the intro to the Avengers vs. X-Men hardcover. Now where’s that Marvel book they once talked about?

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 10.04.34 AM

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Bought that shirt at WrestleMania Sunday, thought the art style looked familiar but couldn’t place it. It’s a great design, the detailing on the tattoos is spot on..

cool stuff.

For those that don’t know, Thompson also designed Daniel Bryan’s ring and walk-out attire (apparently he’s a huge fan and sought her out himself).

Oh yeah, I saw him wearing this at WrestleMania.

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