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Zatanna to join ‘Justice League,’ with a new retro costume


Zatanna is making the move from Justice League Dark to Justice League with July’s Issue 22, and she’ll bring with her a new costume.

Writer Geoff Johns made the announcement last night on Twitter with “the worldwide debut” of the character’s new look, which combines elements of her Satellite Era/Detroit Era costume — the cape, thigh-high boots and the design on the unitard — with the fishnet of her better-known stage-magician ensemble. Yes, gone are the bustier and leather pants of Justice League Dark.

With Zatanna joining Aquaman in Justice League, Vibe and Martian Manhunter in Justice League of America, and Gypsy and Dale Gunn reintroduced in Justice League of America’s Vibe, can a new Justice League Detroit series be far behind? The answer’s likely a firm “no,” but if Elongated Man makes a surprise appearance somewhere in the New 52, all bets are off!




Don’t forget that Vixen was in the recently cancelled JLI series.

@ Randy

And she showed up in the last issue of JL

It’s weird that Johns has such affection for what many consider the worst period of the League, and this is including the mid-90s with Extreme Justice; it probably has something to do with the fact that Johns is from Detroit and cannot stand the idea of the “worst” Justice League being from his hometown. Personally, I’ve always liked the Detroit team though. What’s also weird is that I don’t even think they were in Detroit that long, I thought they moved out halfway through the run.

This might also explain his odd hatred of the JLI (and it has to be hatred, since he takes every opportunity he can to shit on that League), since it’s the most well-regarded JL run of all time and it was the League that came in right after the Detroit League; in the minds of fans, the Detroit League League sucked so it got swept under the rug for the better Bwa-ha-ha League. He probably saw it as an attack on his home, instead of the fact that Vibe was a walking stereotype and the only “real” League members it had before Batman was brought in near the end was Aquaman and MM.

I see “retro costume,” here I was thinking: oh great they’re giving her hat back! Nope, just taking off her pants.

God forbid a female character should actually wear pants. The horror!

The timing of this suits me well; I’ve dropped JLD following the ‘End of Magic’s disappointing conclusion.

Jeff Lemire is a great writer who seems to have volunteered to fulfil some editorially directed point-to-point assignments. JLD reeks of this.

I hope Mikel Janin takes up a fresh title soon. I’ll miss his art. Look forward to seeing it applied to an engaging story, sometime soon.

Still wish Paul Dini was writing Zatanna though.
How many writers have been shat on by DC since they rudely dumped Mr. Dini, less than 2 years ago?

Ugh. I second the motion re Paul Dini. Indeed, if it was a choice between Johns writing Zee in the old costume, or Dini writing her in the new one, or in a burlap sack for that matter, I’d still pick Dini.

God, I miss the old (any old, up through the pre-Flashpoint one) DC universe.

Son of the Dragonzord

April 4, 2013 at 9:17 am

@Drumanespic While I agree that End of Magic was a big disappointing in its conclusion after the number of issues it took to finally end that part I didn’t find myself wanting to drop the series. I think that with the new direction of the team at the end of the issue is really gonna open things up. I REALLY hate the news of Zatanna moving over to JL. I like the costume change from her JLD one but that’s not enough to get me to pick up the title. If she was going to be on the JLA, that would be great and definitely another thing to get me excited for that book. This kinda reeks of desperation to get people onto the title. I cannot stand how generic the stories are in JL and is the reason I dropped that book in the first place. You talk of JLD being editorially directed but JL is even guiltier of this fact. Most of the books at DC right now have shown they are HEAVILY editorially mandated, especially their top tier series like JL. I really hope this won’t be a permanent change or that there would be a flip over to JLA instead cuz I’m gonna miss Zatanna in the meantime.

Her solo series by Dini was a treat each and every month. I’d trade all the Justice League’s in the world to have it back.

And I’m glad DC has finally come to their senses regarding her and Power Girl’s costumes.


April 4, 2013 at 9:31 am

Zatanna leaves JLD in favour of a fishnet bikini because of course she f**king does. Sigh.

I miss Hellblazer.

Nice costume design. Who did the art/design? No to sound pissy but, this mostlyl about he visual, and the artist is not even mentioned or at least credited.

I don’t know, Johns didn’t credit the artist.


April 4, 2013 at 9:34 am

Such a shame!
i hope she doesn’t leave JLDark.
Also a big reason why i liked this version was because of her new clothes, those leather pants! it actually looked like something a human being would use..

Ivan Reis, after a quick search.

“As revealed by writer and DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns, Zatanna will be at least appearing in Justice League come July’s #22, and she has a new look. Now donning a cape over a more traditional looking superhero costume (don’t worry, there are still fishnets), the mistress of backwords-speaking magic gets this redesign courtesy of Ivan Reis as the “march to Trinity War” continues.”

I might be in the minority here but I like it that she is going to the JL. For the character, I think she could grow and be more versatile there than with the JLD. Not to mention possible conflicts within a team that would have her in it.
As for her costume…eh. I liked the more classic Zatanna look. Not a fan of thigh highs for her either. Why can’t she has some sensible heels? Lol..I know I know (1) “sensible heels” are an oxymoron (2) guys prefer the sexiness of thigh highs. I don’t mind Z being sexy..but she’s bordering on trashy here.

Whew. I was a little incensed last week when I first heard she was leaving JL Dark and that she would play a role in Constantine’s book. I felt there was no way Zee should be a supporting player in someone else’s title and was ready to drop JL Dark as a result. I am not sure if I am happy that she is joining Justice League, a title I feel is missing something. A lot of something, actually. But at least I am willing to hang on a little bit longer now that Zatanna will be appearing in it. Hopefully, they will develop her character a bit more, because she seemed woefully nebulous as a character since the inception of the New 52. I would like to see her move beyond her role as girlfriend to other magic users and return to the role of hero she enjoyed pre-Flashpoint.
The new look, though? Not a fan. Maybe when I see it color I will like it better, but the fishnets seem a bit out of place in the design. Rather gratuitous, really.

Thank goodness she got rid of that awful JLDark costume. Fishnets…on her arms? LOL. What an epic fail.

Her classic top hat and fishnets look is still the best, but this “new retro costume” isn’t bad.

First Power Girl, now Zatanna. I’m glad that DC isn’t afraid to admit their mistakes.

Sorry. DC is not and will not ever admit any ‘mistakes’. They are just throwing crap against the wall and seeing what sticks. If moving Zatana to the JL disaster of a book and changing her outfit to resemble her more traditional outfit gives a bump to the sales, they will start changing everyone’s outfits back to the Pre-52 versions. Of course, we have been on the Road to the Trinity War for almost a full year now and will still be on it for at least four or five more months. This is probably going to be the most overhyped Secret War since….well…..Secret Wars. Would an adult please come in and get the kids out of the office? Someone that knows how to run a business and understands the value of the stable of characters that DC owns, in all forms of media.

Low cut top, fish nets AND thigh high boots. Who designed the new look- a masterbating 13-year old boy? Way to court the female audience. The DCU is going to start looking more and more like their porn parodies.

Well, I’m glad that it’s more of a superhero costume than giving her a ton of armor and seams. I do prefer it to the gothchick look they’ve had her sporting recently. Though I think her hat would complete this. I think she can rock the fishnets because she’s not a combatant type of superhero. It’s slightly less plausible with Black Canary but I still think it’s forgivable under the simple fact that because I view superhero costumes as a stylization. Realism is not the point.

But at the same time I do think there’s no need to be crass or careless when it comes to the designs either.

For example, if you’re drawing Wonder Woman’s classic costume there is absolutely no need to draw her trunks like a thong or do tight close ups on her assets or have her arch her back in weird ways. I think often it is artists handling of the costume (or of female anatomy) that is more off putting than anything about the costume itself. Not to say there aren’t some awful designs out there but still.

I think the top hat and stage costume is more ‘iconic’, but this isn’t too bad a compromise. (I’d get rid of the thigh high boots, though, as they’re just making it easier on an artist that doesn’t want to draw the fishnets.)
Zee doesn’t even have to be wearing what we see anyway. She has at least enough power to maintain a glamour or cloaking spell, and she needn’t be seen to be wearing anything that has to be defined as practical.
Glad she’s moving to the main JL, though! On a team of magic users she was redundant, and, even though connected with the JL proper from issue one, was not the JLD member contacted by ARGUS, but rather Constantine, who is always going to the star of the JLD series. In JL Zee might get a chance to shine.

im not sold on it, it looks to super heroey (i know its a super hero book) i miss the top hat and tails. maybe a bow tie around the collar of the cape, shorten it a bit and then split the bottom to look tailsesque? or look at supergirl in smallvilles upcoming arc which looks interesting too.

Yeah! I love the hat too. I’m not a fan of high heels, because those things aren’t the best choice for super heroics and they don’t make too much sense even in the magic-stuff, but the hat is a must.

Bring back the hat, Geoff Johns, and then we can talk about bringing back the retro.

I like it. It’s a nice balance.

Putting her over on JL makes sense, since the 3 Justice Leagues are going to war here soon.

This is a start, I guess. Her stage magician costume is still my favorite though… not because it’s skimpy (it’s not much more skimpy than this), but because it actually gives a visual clue to her character.

Geoff Johns is turning the DCU in an increasingly mediocre place. And people are applauding this guy.

For how long?

I think this looks alright, but DC should think about covering up the cleavage. It just seam impractical. I like the thigh highs, I think they look more cool than sexy, and Zatanna has sorta become synonymous with fishnets, so I don’t think you’ll ever be able to get rid of those. But every time I see cleavage on a superhero costume I shake my head (except Powergirl, because then it’s more funny than titillating for me); it takes me right out of the comic because I just cannot suspend my disbelief that this character would think exposed cleavage is totally appropriate when throwing down with super villains. IL already have to roll with spandex, trying to wrap my head around this is too much.

LOVE the new costume. The previous one made her look like a Hot Topic employee or a prostitute from Bizarro World. :)

I discovered Zatanna from some old Satellite-Era issues of JLoA that I came across when I was a kid. To me that costume has always been the one I most identify with, not the stage magician one, and certainly not the awful one she wears in JLD so I like this new look because it comes really close to the costume she wore during the Satellite Era.

Brian from Canada

April 4, 2013 at 4:58 pm

Could Zatanna be the new backup?

She says in JL #18 that she was kicked out of Dark and declines the offer to join because she wants to look for her father (whom Constantine says is dead). And the reason John kicked her out is one of the key things about “End Of Magic”: John kicks her out to protect her from what may happen.

Personally, I think editorial is working to balance each team out before “Trinity War.” There’s no one to handle magic on either JL or JLA except Shazam, who’s inexperienced with the whole thing anyway.

everything Nu-52 is getting DRAINED.
all the wildstorm titles…everything is creeping back to pre FLASHPOINT
Nu-52 is getting old fast

Wow. They release a sketch of Zatanna looking very much Pre-New 52 and that’s supposed to be amazing? They’ve combined two of her original costumes and it’s supposed to be a big deal. “We’re giving you back something we took away from you!” Furthermore, how very “progressive” of DC to have her back in fishnet stockings, high heels and cleavage showing. Granted, Zee can have magical high heels that won’t break or be cumbersome in a battle, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with a woman wanting to wear such clothes, but it just shows how committed the company really is at being forward thinking and bringing in new readers. The fact they brought back Kara’s Boob Window costume to pander to the “man-child” fanboy isn’t shocking but it is revolting reading the comments from some of these fans, and the same goes for comments regarding Zee. Any comments of concern or distaste over the move are met with scorn and anger. Anyone suggesting that the ongoing poor treatment of many female characters in DC is alienating female fans and new readers, and that such distasteful and immature comments don’t help in bringing a positive light to super hero comics and their fandom are dismissed or attacked. More and more I’m looking at comic books and their typical (?) fandom and wishing I had never been given that first comic way back when I was three – that I hadn’t spent 33 of my 36 years reading and collecting them and being a fan.

By the way, to put it in simpler terms, and perhaps less “controversial,” it’s rather sad that costume designs that were worn only, what, two years ago by a super hero could be considered “retro.” I suppose they *are* giving readers a retro treat, as they just killed off a Robin, and I remember reading that when it was just his adopted son being murdered, not his biological son. Off topic, somewhat, but I think that it’s really great that DC has brought a more balanced parallel look with the two Kara’s, giving Power Girl a retro costume, too! Now that we have emphasis on Supergirl’s crotch, we have the much missed emphasis on Power Girl’s breasts! Of course, DC is being culturally sensitive and progressive with the Injustice game’s “Commander Kielbasa”, So it evens things out! I guess it can be considered retro when grown men act like the more worse examples of junior high! Ah, DC, how I still love you!

You know I wish people would stop using the it looks like something a human being would wear because human beings wear eveything. It also doesn’t help that no one would wear most of the male clothing either unless they had super mans powerset. I’m willing to be that zatanna would wear exactly what she has on because why wouldn’t she? She a sorceress and when have any of them wore clothing like other brawler type heroes. They mainly stay in the back on the front lines. I’m also getting tired of these why can’t a female ever wear pants line. You want them to wear pants then make your own damn heroes, they took her out of pants because the fans(you know the people who actually buy the books)complained and sales were low. The costume was ok but not every costume works for every character and it looking like something someone would wear means it looks plain as hell. The majority of people don’t read these comics to see things we would see in real life, its supposed to be about fascination.

@Rick The costume she had first in new 52 could very well pass for porn even before her newer look would. I forget though people only think porn stars come out with nothing on. The female audience isn’t going anywhere and there wasn’t that many reading before they just changed her look, where were they then? People always complain they change things and people don’t buy the stuff and then people complain when they change things back for low sales to the actual fans who buy the comics. If female fans leave over this then they were never fans to begin with.

Frankly, comparing 2 costume that give Zatanna superhero look, I rather the JLA Detroit era, the costume which George Perez designed. I think it is her best costume because its the most suitable costume for her to join JLA without loose the sorcery character of her. Every Sorceress always use a cloak not just for fashion but should for power source and protection. The bell sleeves is really part of the costume that really strengthen the sorcery character who depends on spell casting rather than body contact fighting. The collar, that the most unique of the costume, no body wear it and suitable for the costume as well as it is represent the magician stage costume. The headpiece, although no one know what the origins of its shape, it also strengthen the sorcery world she represented (remember Sorceress character from castle greyskull in Heman). The last, earing accesories really made she is not just a superhero but also a woman who good in dressing.
There are always a million reason to change something or to say that something was bad and need to be replaced. But when something is already good why looking changes. true that we always need refreshment that suit to some era but always change the superhero costume one to another and then back to the old one, again and again and again, its already boring anyway and weakened the character.

What is so appalling about pants? They say that there is little to no interest in female characters as compared to males. But when they can make an interesting character that doesn’t look like they only just got off a stripper pole, then will they get interest.

I want to necro this post to make a comment “from the future” to sort of speak.

So, despite the opinion of Mr. Craig Danvers above that all female superheroes should wear burkas, the year is now 2015 (and almost 2016) and if you take a quick look on the internet you’ll see that STILL when someone is cosplaying Zatanna at a convention, it’s always the stage magician version with the bikini shorts and the fishnet tights.

So, I would hypothesize that if that version of the costume continues to be so popular with female convention goers years after it’s been changed, there’s a good chance that we don’t need to clutch our pearls and worry about if it’s “exploitative”. And honestly, while we’re at it, why don’t we stop worrying about this nonsense in general? Perhaps if someone gets to the point where they’re moralizing over the clothing of a fictional character, they might need to find something else to invest their concern into. Like starvation, or homelessness, or who’s going to with the Bachelorette?

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