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3A Toys’ Invincible Iron Man design arrives online

Iron Man 3A

Over the weekend various toy blogs were buzzing over this image: the first prototype to leak out from the agreement between Ashley Wood’s 3A Toys and Marvel, as announced in February. And it’s pretty much exactly how you’d expect Iron Man to look after being redesigned by the man who created Popbot. Eventually, the official 3A blog released this clearer version of the teaser.


It’s blooming gorgeous, the sort of item that even an action-figure skeptic like me thinks would look pretty good adorning my mantelpiece.  That said, I’ve thought this of a few 3A items before, and have been put off by just how hard (and expensive!) it can be to acquire them.

Ash tends to play things close to his chest concerning his licenses (ask any of the 2000AD fans who’ve tried to extract information from the Aussie auteur), but this interview indicates he’s also working on a model of The Thing based on John Byrne’s interpretation of Kirby’s design. Now that would look good in my kitchen.

(via Toysrevil)


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