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Bill Nye, Kevin Smith and others tackle how Superman shaves


Whether he’s explaining buoyancy or warning of the consequences of evolution denial, there are few things as wonderful and as educational as Bill Nye delivering some scientific knowledge. And so it was a stroke of brilliance that the folks and Gillette recruited the Science Guy for their HowDoesHeShave promotional campaign for director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

As you can likely deduce from the name, the razor brand tackles the question that’s nagged Superman fans and scholars for decades: No, not how he and Lois Lane could have sex — rather, how does the Last Son of Krypton shave? For the campaign, it’s also posed to Kevin Smith, The Big Bang Theory actress (and neuroscientist) Mayim Bialik and MythBusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, but I like Nye’s “grinding theory” (much better than Smith’s half-baked “Kryptonian rocket that brought Superman to Earth theory”).

You can see them all on the campaign’s YouTube page.




I dont think it was John Byrne, but i saw a variation of the above solution as well. In the version i saw, Superman used the Eradicator (the Kryptonian Artifact, before it matured into the superpowered being that debuted in the Reign of Superman Storyline, it was an amulet of some kind), that he reflected his heat vision off of so he could shave.

Yep, Byrne was the one who introduced the “Superman shaves by bouncing his heat vision off a piece of the rocket that brought him to Earth” bit. Pre-Crisis, the explanation was that his hair/nails didn’t grow under a yellow sun at all, so the only times Clark shaved were during extensive periods spent under a red sun…

You know, this whole thing makes me wonder if Superman’s beard in the current film was all just a subtle product placement idea from the gillette company for which they paid Warner’s considerably for in order to work out this cross promotional idea.

In the end, if we go by the movies, we have the fact that Luthor is able to cut one of superman’s hairs with bolt cutters in the fourth film. As such we can assume that while Superman’s hair is proportionally very strong, it is still very thin, and not so strong as to not be broken by earthly tempered steel.

So essentially, with a razor made of a strong enough blade being applied with super human strength, shoudl remove the hair without much trouble.

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