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Cameron Stewart’s autobiographical comics take over Tumblr


Do we need to start worrying about Cameron Stewart? Sure, he’s young, good-looking and incredibly talented, but he’s posted some autobiographical comics that suggest he’s heading rapidly toward a quarter-life crisis. They’re getting a lot of reblogs on Tumblr: predictably enough, the home of the “selfie” is going mad for a strip taking the mick out of the phenomena. As Stewart has drolly noted in his Twitter feed, “… so rewarding when the thing you draw mindlessly in 10 minutes is 1000 times more popular than anything you sweated over.”

Stewart will be at this weekend’s 2D Festival in Derry, Northern Ireland: Perhaps everybody there should give him a reassuring pat on the back, buy him a drink, and tell him it’s all going to be all right. Meanwhile, check out more of Stewart’s recent autobiographical comics binge below.






I first worked with Cameron in the 90s, he looks younger than he is, because he’s a vampire.

He’s one of the few non-friends I follow on Instagram, and these are one of the reasons why — perfectly suited to reading on an iPhone. Becky Cloonan has taken to doing something similar, if rougher (not computer-drawn, I don’t think?).

Wow. Some of these look like snapshots of my life. Minus the awesome beard. I love Cameron. He needs to do some more creator owned material. Maybe with Ed?

I would totally eat all the croissants . . .

And you should put this out as a book Cameron and learn, don’t do anything that causes you to sweat, but just draw fun comics and have fun while drawing. That is all. :D

~Life Coach

I would throw this Cameron’s way!
Wait! He’s the one who sent me this video to drop a sweet Burn on Ramon’s page,Damn. BOOOO! Stewart was always more internet savy!
Luv to the big guy in Berlin! WE miss you! But not in a “You’re allowed in our Cocoon” Kinda way!

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