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‘Civil War’ breaks out among Hollywood’s costumed heroes


In retrospect, the Superhuman Registration Act doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all: First there were reports of assault, and theft, by Spider-Man, and then there was that late-night attack by She-Hulk. Now Civil War has broken out among costumed heroes on the streets of Hollywood.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Spider-Man and two Captain Americas (perhaps one was that crazy Cap from the 1950s) came to blows Wednesday afternoon on Hollywood Boulevard, near the Dolby Theatre. The cause? A turf war among superhero impersonators — who, like their Marvel Universe counterparts, operate with little regulation — and accusations of harassing tourists.

“All of a sudden, two Captain Americas and Spider-Man started circling around me,” said Vernardo Stroud, who works at the Madame Tussauds kiosk where the fight took place. “Captain America just hit one of them and Spider-Man started bleeding and almost broke the TV.”

Among the witnesses was Batman (aka A.C. Simmons), who said there were rising tensions among the superhero community that had to be unleashed. “There are a group of characters who are actually strong-arming tourists and actually asking for $20 tips, which is ridiculous,” he told CBS Los Angeles. “And they kind of force them to pay.”

(via TheWrap)



hahaha thats is great i hope they all start brawling one day and theres just a massive SH fight in hollywood

Those ****ers are hateful. They chase after tourists who snap pictures and demand money. I wonder if its the same Spidey I almost punched myself when last visiting L.A.

Are these guys even needed at all? I think the streets of Hollywood can do without ornery people like them.

Can this be anything but the precursor to Kingdom Come?

I know DC’s Justice League had The Justice Lords and the Earth 3 villains so maybe these were really Skrulls masquerading as Avengers out to make a dishonest (20) bucks at the reputation expense of superheroes everywhere?

They are obviously drug adicts and other worse things (maybe not all of them, but yeah… probably all of them), it’s terrifying that tourists take their children too see these people. You’d think that one harrassed tourist and they’d do something about it, but here we are ten years later… I think at least the tourism board should put a disclaimer up near them.
On the other hand, this is not really news, they’ve been doing this forever, so it’s more to gawk at wierdos than it is to see a 130 pound, blood-shot and vericose-vained Superman.

I was hoping the kiosk guy may have been Luke Cage. Then he coulda whooped on them dope fiend skrulls!!! Sweet Christmas that woulda been nice!!
And Spain-Cap is without a doubt a skrull.

should have some kind of regulation. In Barcelona the mimes have to pass an audition and Madrid will do the same with all the street performers to obtain a “license” to act. (subway musicians already do that)

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