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DC Collectibles rolls out Comic-Con exclusives

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DC Collectibles has unveiled four convention-exclusive products that will be offered only to those attending Comic-Con International, held July 18-21 in San Diego.

Fans of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block may want to grab the three-pack of Super Best Friends Forever action figures (above), designed by Lauren Faust and sculpted by Irene Matar. Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Girl each stand 6.5 inches, 5.45 inches and 6.8 inches, respectively. The three-pack is priced at $49.95. Or, there’s the Aardman: Superman action figure, designed by Rich Webber and sculpted by Phil Ramirez. Standing at about 6.5 inches, it’s prices at $24.95.

For Green Lantern comic-book enthusiasts, there’s the DC Comics’ Superheroes of Green Lantern four-pack, featuring Sinestro, Arkillo, the Black Hand and Dex-Starr. It, too, is priced at $49.95.

And then there’s Batman: Arkham City Hugo Strange, sculpted by Sam Greenwell and based on the character as he appears in the bestselling video game. It’ s$29.95.All four will be available at the Graphitti Designs booth.

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Oh my yes at those SBFF toys. Are these going to be available outside San Diego or are they going to be super hard to come across. I’ve been wanting these so bad.

Nick, the first sentence says they are “convention-exclusive products that will be offered only to those attending Comic-Con International.”

Check ebay after SDCC.

Personally, I find the SBFF toys creepy given their body proportions and Supergirl’s eyes. Yikes.

Rollo Tomassi

May 20, 2013 at 2:14 pm

The Graphitti Booth sucks. They make you stand in a line. Then after six hours, they tell everyone to go stand in another line at the other end of the convention center a mile away. And if you were first in line at the first line, that means eff-all. Then you wait in the other line for a few hours while they hand out 50 tickets to 1,000 people. Some tickets are redeemable for the figure. The other tickets don’t mean anything. If you don’t get a ticket, come back tomorrow and start the entire process all over again. PS Graphitti thanks you for buying a $200 SDCC pass and blowing $400 a day on lodging and food ago you can spend the entire Con standing in their lines and not actually getting to do anything else all weekend.

Rollo’s right. Graphitti sucks. They need a better system. When I went to IDW to get the SDCC artist edition for Born Again, I pre-purchased a month before and I went, got my name checked off, and got my book. No long line or anything. Graphitti’s lottery system could easily be an online process and any extras that aren’t picked up could be sold at the end of the convention.

Rollo & Z-Ram are just little babies because they didn’t get what they wanted. In case you haven’t noticed waiting in line isn’t a new thing. It’s not up to the Retailer to decide the selling process, that usually falls into the lap of the show promoter.

Nice try, kid. But I never said anything about not getting what I wanted, (like others said, there’s always ebay) just ways other retailers do it better, and better things to do than waiting in line for 6 hours of an 8 hour convention. Please get over yourself.

With 200k + people going to SDCC every year, I would love to see how you would plan this “Perfect” scenario. If you do the math there is no way in hell you’re going to please everyone.

Andrew Collins

May 20, 2013 at 8:31 pm

I’d like to see Donna Troy in an actual new comic and not in a creepy looking stick figure…

I’m sorry, did I say that Graphitti needs to provide one action figure for everyone in attendance? Did you even read my comment? I just gave you an example of how it could be more efficient, genius. IDW does it efficiently. Let’s use some logic here – the idea was to avoid the long lines at Graphitti – allow people to pre-order online and pick up at the convention. If it sells out, it sells out. There’s no need to wait in line for hours no matter how you look at it. But like you said, it’s up to whoever decides they want to sell it that way.

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