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DC Comics reintroduces Cheshire (again)


In today’s installment of “What’s New in the New 52,” DC Comics Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras introduces readers to Cheshire, teased as a character from Jason Todd’s past who’ll soon appear in Red Hood and the Outlaws “to shed a little bit more light” on the character’s origins. However, unveiling of the character design created a little confusion in the comments section, as Cheshire has already been introduced to the New 52.

Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Cheshire debuted in 1982’s New Teen Titans Annual #2 as a mercenary who frequently the team, but she eventually fell in love with Roy Harper, and the two had a child. Over the years, she was affiliated with the Secret Six and Deathstroke’s Titans, but that was all before DC’s 2011 relaunch.

Skip ahead to the May 2012 solicitations for Grifter #9, which teased the first appearances in the New 52 of Deathblow and Cheshire. And she did appear, too — apparently in numerous issues — although she was only ever referred to in the stories as Niko.

So either there are two Cheshires leaping around the DC Universe, or the now-canceled Grifter has been the subject of the one of the New 52’s first retcons.




Pretty sure Stormwatch’s Starlin revision/reversion was the New 52′s first retcon.

I always got the impression that the DC hierarchy pulled Cheshire from Grifter as they wanted to use her at a later date, forcing Liefeld to create Niko.

@Paul Nolan You are correct. They pulled her from Grifter right before it went to print. Liefeld had to scramble and come up with Niko at the last minute

@Aaron Poehler It’s not a retcon if it happens in story. Retcons usually overwrite everything. Stormwatch is more the alternate dimension/time travel mold with Age of Ultron. Now if it’s not reverted back like AOU will, then everything shown in Demon Knights and all DCU interactions with Stormwatch will have been retconned

That’s a ridiculously over complicated design for a character, but then this is the New 52 I suppose. No wonder it takes artists so long to draw a book these days. How I miss the clean simple designs of Ditko, Kirby, and Buscema. Now I sound like an old fart!

Hooray! Now we can begin the countdown to the New 52 introduction and death of Lian Harper!

The vast majority of these redesigns are awful.
They have an obsessive desire to make things more “busy” and excessively full of details.

The New 52 is so full of fads…. :(

That camouflage of hers will be incredibly effective when she’s trying to hide in warehouses full of triangles.

Andrew Collins

May 9, 2013 at 4:50 pm

Funny, the calendar on my wall says 2013 but DC keeps trying to trick me into thinking its 1994…

She needs pants.

the New 52 is an epic clusterfuck with no consistency or coherency so, as a shared universe, we should all expect constant retcons, revisions and jumbled characterizations. nothing about the New 52 will make sense as we keep going and telling more stories and introducing more characters. Don’t even try to puzzle out the timeline, it is just a mess.

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