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DC Entertainment declares June 12 Man of Steel Day

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In anticipation of the June 14 release of the new Superman movie, DC Entertainment has declared Wednesday, June 12, Man of Steel Day.

Sponsored by Sears, the event will see comic shops and bookstores give away copies of All-Star Superman Special Edition #1 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Not so coincidentally, June 12 also marks the debut of Superman Unchained, the new DC Comics series by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee launched to coincide with director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. That first issue you’ll have to pay $4.99 for (it comes with a two-sided poster).

All-Star Superman #1 also will be available for free download that day, with hundreds of other Superman digital titles offered for 99 cents each as part of a “Superman 201” sale on the DC online storefront, the DC Comics app and across all digital platforms.

In addition, DC has teamed with Random House to bring Man of Steel to more than 1,000 libraries on June 15, with visitors receiving buttons, bookmarks and Superman comics.



DC is trying so hard for this to be a hit. Some might say trying too hard. I feel it will be an average movie at best. Do we really need to see the origin again? Doesn’t everyone already know his origin? Can’t we just start with him in Metropolis and face off against a unique villain that isn’t named Zod or Lex Luther? And DC wonder why their non Batman movies don’t take off.

Superman is my favorite comics character so I have mixed feelings about this. I hate the New52 Superman so I like that DC is going back to the True Superman in the Superman Adventures comic. I’m not a fan of what I have seen of the ‘Man of Steel’ film. Not to rip on it too much but one obvious example is the New52/movie uniform. Superman’s costume really needs the trunks. With out them Superman is wearing a wet suit. Many will harp that the trunks are underwear on the outside, or that the trunks wont work with modern audiences, etc. Simply put, the character called Superman in the New53 is Superman in name only. I strongly suspect that the character in the ‘Man of Steel’s film is also. I could go on but what’s the point? Given that the new52 Superman is getting a big push in this movie and on merchandise, it looks like DC is hoping that he’s here to stay. Which means, I’m out and will pass on the film too. Now before someone says that I’m judging the film before I see it, let me say the: Film trailers are marketing tool meant to excite potential movie goers by showing them selected scenes to pique their interest. The trailer typically doesn’t misrepresent what’s in the film. What I have seen so far, looks like something I wont like. I really don’t have to see it to know that I won’t enjoy it. Much like if I went to order a sandwich and noticed that the guy making it heaped a big scoop of poop on it. I don’t have to taste it to know that I wont like it!

If DC really wants to up the ante, they should try to move Batman/Superman #1 into publication a couple weeks early (or at least a week, to put it on the market the week AFTER the movie), and do a second print run of Adventures of Superman #1 for a discounted, first issue price ($2.99 rather than $3.99). And for their Superman 201 day on Comixology, offer the first digital comic for free, or a two-for-one deal for #1 and #2 for 99 cents. Perhaps even reprint Action Comics #1 and/or Superman #1 for a special $1 introductory offer. Or just for free, like they’re doing with All-Star Superman #1.

And they should seriously consider dropping the price on Superman Unchained #1. I get the rationale for charging $4.99 for this first issue, but seriously, with the movie coming out just two days later, you’d think they’d want to move as many copies as they could.

Just a few ideas…

I can say with a straight face that there is nothing that Jim Lee has illustrated that is worthy of a single sided poster, let alone a double sided one.

Also just like in bad movies, or movies that aren’t as good as they could be, don’t mention better comics within shouting distance. I loved All-Star Superman, enough to buy the Absolute Edition of it. So it’s not doing any favors bringing up All-Star Superman and having me wish that is what was on the screen.

Unless the decided to meddle with that issue of All-Star Superman and make Supes trunksless. Heaven forbid.

June 12th? I’d rather Bloomsday, instead. O rocks*!

*the non-kryptonite kind

Why is it fanboys are such pessimistic jerks? Funny thing they’ll be first in line for issues and the new movie, just do they can jump back on line and take a dump on it all. As for Jim Lee, are there people seriously bagging on his skills as an artist on this site? Seriously? It’s a big Superman celebration. I love that. I love that WB is pushing the movie because Superman is everywhere right now.

The comic shop locator is nice, but how about a map of the 1000+ libraries who are participating in “Man of Steel Day” – the Facebook page for the first Star Wars Reads Day last October had such a map, though it was clunky to use. Also, I work in a library and just got an email about this today. How were libraries selected to participate? P.S. – I intend to see the movie, as it looks pretty good to me, judging by the trailer.

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