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DC reveals ‘dramatic new look’ for He-Man


DC Comics has debuted Ed Benes’ cover for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #4, which reveals a radically new look for the hero of television, film and toyboxes.

Gone are the trademark furry shorts and metal harness the character has worn since toymaker Mattel launched the line of action figures in 1981, replaced by what appears to be Eternia’s version of football gear, complete with honest-to-goodness pants.

“In the epic war against the forces of Hordak ripping through the pages of the current series, He-Man must don the sacred armor of his ancestors,” DC states on its blog. “While fans may be surprised by this turn of events, this dynamic direction for one of the world’s best-known heroes is firmly rooted in the classic legacy of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. After all, so long as you stay true to the core concepts, it’s always exciting to explore new possibilities, right?”

Masters of the Universe #4 goes on sale in July.




Uhmm, that’s not a “dramatic new look”, that’s just He-Man’s Battle Armor.

So, even He-Man gets a New 52 style costume redesign – complete with collar.

That design doesn’t do much for me.

I like it. As long as they stay true to He-Man’s history, I don’t have a problem with DC giving him a different look.

I for one am glad that he ditched the furry bloomers at least. (but I agree that the new look doesn’t excite me) The sword doesn’t look right either, which is a bigger deal. I feel that the sword either should’ve remained the same or they should’ve come up with something really unique and visually striking. That image doesn’t say to me that the sword is special in any way.

In less than one year, He-man’s universe will be united with DC New 52 universe. I bet we’ll see He-man or She-ra joining the Justice League.

It’s alright. I Agree with Dekko tho, that sword is horrible. No need in changing that up, it’s the one constant. It’s not like there are Power Swords all over the place! They are unique and there are 2 of them. This could be She-Ra’s sword tho! That’s a possibility!

Does this one have battle damage when you flick his chest?

Wonder what they’ll do to she Ra when she remembers who she is

It’s better than that chain mail loin cloth thingie, I guess.


May 3, 2013 at 12:50 pm

I don’t have a problem with them doing some redesigns but in my opinion this looks too much like just another basic superhero costume. He-Man looks like he’d fit right in as another character in the New52. I would have hoped for something a little more science fantasy. And I agree with dekko, the sword looks too generic as well. Overall, I don’t think it’s bad, it’s just not distinctive enough. And it doesn’t say to me that he’s a mighty hero in a post-apocalyptic science fantasy world.

Which ancestor is that an Armor of? His Eternian side or his Human side? Actually.. Huh. IS he still half human? Wasn’t his mom an astronaut?

Did Jim Lee do this too? *facepalm*

One of my favorite stories in DC Comics Presents involved Superman visiting Eternia and meeting up with the Masters of the Universe and their villains. I wouldn’t mind seeing one of the new Earths in the Multiverse named Eternia and its inhabitants crossing over with the DCU.

Of course, I’d rather see an Earth that continues the saga of the pre-Flashpoint DCU, which I maintain still exists.

So one of He-Man’s ancestors is Tony Stark? Sure looks like Iron Man armor from the waist down.

Kind of makes sense, seeing as how He-Man was a bizarre space mixture of fuedal times mixed with Viking stuff. I think. Benes art sure does look better than the Filmmation cartoon. You would see the filmmation circle logo in the credits. I came to call it the Filmmation CIRLCE OF DEATH! :)

It’s He-Man, so it’s still stupid, but it looks better than any other design the character’s ever had. But again, it’s He-Man, so who cares?

Jesus, They even added a collar. Now no one could deny this is from the New 52.

When would they learn that less is more! These flashy designs make me throw up. Let’s go back to basics and simplify. Shiny flesh, lightning nightmares/glow and implants should all be put in a box and sent back to the 90s. Here’s some artists to research and get ideas from: Alex Toth, Jack Kirby -late 60s/70s, Bruce Timm, Mike Allred, Chris Ware, just to name a few. Clean designs please!!! If you think this is cool, re-name it., don’t insult the franchise. Fantasy genre deserve a better treatment. Take a look at some of the MOTU poster art from the 80s, that should be your inspiration for the covers. Then look at Bruce Timm’s comic art and take it from there….Even his MOTU mini comics! Please, give a sh–!
Ugh!!!! DC: Contact me to send you concept art for free, I’m an artist that grew up with MOTU

PS: ‘Jon’ obviously doesn’t care one way or the other and he thinks the character’s stupid. I don’t know why he would even post an opinion. Is this who DC’s trying to target??? but with a ‘tag’ that 80s kids can follow??

This angers me more than pants on Wonder Woman. The outfit doesn’t make any sense. The gladiator look served him well. I’ll just consider this Earth-2 He-Man.

Speaking of less is more, considering how difficult it is for DC to sustain 52 titles, how do they expect these extraneous titles to last (unless they put a superstar writer on it)?

Hopeless Savage

May 3, 2013 at 2:38 pm

This just looks silly, even by 90s comic book standards.

Poor She-Ra – when she leaves the Horde you just know she won’t get pants!

It’s Adam, not He-man, calm down.

Jon , I care he-man a lot as many others and for us He-Man is not a stupidity.

I wonder what stupid things you like?


Looks like Eternian high collars are in this fashion season.

And does the ‘H’ on his chest stand for “hope”?

Yay, New DC/WB!

Jim Williams

May 3, 2013 at 4:06 pm

Why does everything have to be changed, it doesn’t need rebooting as they call it. He man should look like he man. Sure add a few details, but to make him look like he just joined the avengers, epic FAIL.
And quit trying to make tesla the blonde, she ra’s the blonde, lets keep it that way. The Despara storyline and return of she ra is the best thing to happen to the franchise in years

Not the first time that He-Man’s been ‘pantsed’–anyone here remember “The New Adventures of He-Man”?

“This angers me more than pants on Wonder Woman. ”

I’m not taking the piss, but this statement above will be my new battle cry from now on!!!! At the moment Will Ferrel is saying this in my head.

The human torch was denied a bank loan.

….At least he doesn’t have a bunch of unnecessary pouches and humongous shoulder pads.

Mike Tannehill

May 3, 2013 at 6:21 pm

He looks like a 90’s era character. You know why? Because DC was stupid enough to hire all of the Image comics morons and that is why everything DC has put out since the New 52 has been garbage. What you see here is Dan Didio and Jim Lee ruining another beloved character. I think those two are in a pack with the Devil and Michael Bay.

What a terrible costume. It’s a disgrace to art designers everywhere. Unless they’re purposely making it tacky.

I agree: DC’s art direction needs a massive overhaul. Most of the costumes have been terrible, although I like that Batman and Superman are no longer wearing their knickers outside their tights. Image was never really a great place for design — they had some very talented artists but their design genes were influenced by Liefeld.

Once the New 52 falters, DC will just press a massive reset button and bring back the Old DCU by having the Flash wake up from a coma he sustained during Flashpoint.

Incidentally, in 10 years, we’ll all be regarding Geoff Johns as his generation’s Chris Claremont and Jim Lee will be doing nostalgia issues of the Avengers a la Neal Adams.

Oh… and Alan Moore will STILL be made about the Watchmen.

… sorry: that last line should’ve read: … and Alan Moore would STILL be mad about the Watchmen.

Love He-Man, and I admit he’s needed an upgrade for a while, but this was not it. Not liking this look at all.

Loving the fact that most of us agree. I can only hope that DC listens to what we have to say here. There’s NOTHING wrong with the original character designs of the MOTU world. A good writer should be the only thing that most of us wouldn’t mind seeing, taking He-Man to a more intricate Fantasy universe a la D&D or LOTR if anything. Stop messing with something good. Writing is the only thing that could be ‘upgraded’ for the hero of Eternia. Do what Bruce Timm and company did for Batman in the 90s with ‘Batman the animated series’, and everything else should fall into place. Paul Dini’s writing style and a simplified yet conservative MOTU design would be the recipe for a He-Man hit! Again, some of us artists that actually love and understand the characters would be willing to help! Let’s talk, seriously:

Andrew Collins

May 3, 2013 at 10:18 pm

I love the way the quote from the DC blog ends with “right?” as if even the writer is aware this is terrible…

What the heck is up with these collars? Is it mandatory at DC?

Why am I not surprised they gave him pants.

DC’s homophobic people in charge have one agenda. Cover up the men, the women are naked.

What I want to know is what happened to his tanned skin? Is he going be a pale white dude when he’s Adam and a pale white dude when he’s He-Man too?

They’re trying to make him Thor without making him Thor.

I would have liked a complete redesign, something a lot more simple. The only thing I didn’t like from the old he-man was the huge H placard in the middle of his chest.

James, they gave Wonder Woman pants too at first.

Steve Miller

May 4, 2013 at 6:02 am

Adding visual complexity is not usually an improvement. Mattel has tried a few times to update He-Man’s look, it never works. The original concept is what people connected to, He-Man is a barbarian not an armored super hero.

SAMURAI36 gets it right with the first post, the 43 that follow ignore it in order to make a snarky comment.

No wonder fandom is looked down upon sometimes.

I can’t really decide on a yay or nay response. Until I can get a complete 360 view instead of an action shot, I’m sticking w/ the original movie version. The cartoon had a furry loincloth….icky much! Between riding his green tiger and that loincloth, he HAD to have fleas! Possibly even ticks! That’s not cool man! No cool at all!

Worst thing about this for me is, there is always the possibility that characters in this style will be made for the classics line. Anything can happen since Neitlich is chummy with all the artists and writers at DC. If Thunder Pants He-Man ends up a classics figure, I’ll see to it that TG gets a thorough beat down.

I like the artwork. Other than his costume though the biggest thing that bothers me is how young he looks in the face, he looks like Prince Adam’s age and for me its hard to take him seriously like that. I think he should look twenty something. The thing I liked about his transformation in the 2002 series was that it wasn’t just the brawn and physical power of the Elders he gained when he changed, it was their wisdom too, and I think looking older was the best way to portray that.

I don’t mind him having a Battle Armour look so long as its not permanent or replacing his classic look.

I don’t like it, and why does his face look like we should be calling him ‘He-Boy’?


May 4, 2013 at 6:21 pm

MASS CONSUMPTION of plastic: slap an “H” on the chest, and give him a boring looking sword -the money is made in the retail merchandising of the character-based asset, not in the stories. The actual “stories” are just an “accessory” which implement and ‘enable’ consumer behavior/spending.


Time/Warner is a multi-national corporation: profit rules over “quality”.

SAMURAI36 g̶e̶t̶s̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶r̶i̶g̶h̶t defends a horrible He-Man costume redesign with the first post, the ̶4̶3̶ 48 that follow ignore it ̶i̶n̶ ̶o̶r̶d̶e̶r̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶m̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶a̶ to give the redesign the proper snarky comment it deserves.

No wonder ̶f̶a̶n̶d̶o̶m̶ DC’s New 52 apologists are looked down upon ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶t̶i̶m̶e̶s̶ .

Fixed it for ya.

what other DC characters have collars at the moment?

Looks more like He-Teen :(

Jesus, even He-Man isn’t safe from the New 52 armor pants…

I like my barbarians in furry briefs!

DC strike again – this time it’s He-Man getting hit by their ongoing disaster.
And – why – TIGHTS – how refreshingly new and un-generic….

Why are DC so pedestrian and unimaginative? All they do is blood and banter and dark-toned edginess. Will they ever learn that if EVERYTHING is “edgy” then it’s not edgy at all – it’s a tired genre trope.

But what else can we expect of writers who have turned He-Man into a killer – which he NEVER has been – and made all the supposedly “good” characters so unsympathtic that most long-term fans now want the forces of evil to win; at least they have an excuse for being awful.
The DC vision doesn’t fit Eternia at all – and it shows in just how bad these comics really are.

It’s going to take more than three changes of kit for He-Man in five issues to save this series from well-deserved oblivion.

As I gaze (painfully) upon this “artwork”, there is nothing about it that visually states to me “improvement”. I do NOT see HE-MAN in this. Its about the character in a “fresh” light from an established history. Not all this armored special effects that does nothing for it. The hero don’t have to look all protected & invicisible, that’s what you have villiians for.

When I look (again, painfully) at this illustration, I see a yelling medieval barbarian-que figure. Please go back to the original 80s hero image & maybe than build a reason for the new look. I don’t see HE-MAN in this.

As Notherland said, “Writing is the only thing that could be ‘upgraded’ for the hero of Eternia”

Oh look. It’s Thor!

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