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Dean Trippe enlists childhood heroes for cross-company pin-up

trippe pinup

Real heroes know when to call for back-up. And popular webcomics artist Dean Trippe has done just that in a stunning cross-company pin-up featuring Batman and a young child meeting an ginormous assemblage of heroes from comics, television and movies. The illustration, titled “You’ll Be Safe Here,” is part of a larger project Trippe has been working on after his Oni Press graphic novel Power Lunch with J. Torres. (Full disclosure: I’m a friend of Trippe’s, and we work together on Project: Rooftop, but he didn’t solicit me to write about this.)

The pin-up is startling in the sheer number of familiar faces you see, but also in terms of the wardrobe each wears: The Fantastic Four are there, but in their white Future Foundation garb, alongside the 2099 variation of Spider-Man and the classic ’80s rendition of Transformers‘ Optimus Prime. Trippe thoughtfully documented the process in a short video presentation. And for those at a loss to name every character in the pin-up, Trippe he also provided a guide.




That is fantastic. I’ve always enjoyed Trippe’s art (and his costume redesigns are usually better than the original). I like how he used his favorite iterations of the characters, mixing eras and adding his own tweaks. Really an inspirational piece. Now I wanna do my own!

This does make me smile. Well done Mr. Trippe.

Officially the best thing ever. Spider-Boy!

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