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Doug Mahnke joins Geoff Johns on ‘Justice League of America’

Doug Mahnke's interlocking "Trinity War" covers

Doug Mahnke’s interlocking “Trinity War” covers

More than three months after teasing that he and his Green Lantern collaborator would reteam on “a new project later this year,” this morning Geoff Johns made it official: Artist Doug Mahnke will join him on Justice League of America.

The announcement arrives in a farewell message from the writer in today’s Green Lantern #20, which marks the end of a nine-year run that began with 2004’s Green Lantern: Rebirth. After praising artists Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, Johns continues, “And Doug Mahnke … he’s the current superstar I work with every month on Green Lantern and have for years now. Doug, you’re one of the most amazing and unique artists in the business. Your power, grit and sense of wonder can be seen at its very best in Green Lantern #20. I’m fortunate to continue working with Doug as we head over to Justice League of America.”

The news may not come has a complete surprise, as Mahnke was already scheduled to pencil Justice League of America #6-7, part of DC Comics’ “Trinity War” crossover. Now, however, it appears the assignment may be more permanent.

Mahnke, who’s worked with Johns on Green Lantern since 2009, has tackled the Justice League franchise before, with stints on JLA and Justice League Elite.

gl20-geoff johns

Mahnke recently looked back on his time with Johns on Green Lantern, while hinting at what was in his future in a CBR TV interview.



Simon DelMonte

May 22, 2013 at 7:16 am

Given that I was already giving JLA a shot and liking it, shifting Finch out and Mahnke in will only help. Finch is an okay artist but I don’t get his success the way I do Doug’s.

I hope Finch comes back to Marvel.

Finch is solid, but I really don’t like Mahnke any less and having Mahnke on board means the book will actually be on time.

Excellent news!

I love Mahnke’s work!

Having Mahnke on art makes it much more likely I’ll stick with JLA after Trinity War. Finch’s art isn’t my cuppa tea.

Matt Halteman

May 22, 2013 at 8:01 am

I’m jumping onboard both “JLA” and “Justice League” with the “Trinity War” story, despite having read neither before. The reasons are Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke, who in my mind are two of the best, if not THE best artists working at DC Comics. I hope I can follow the story alright, but mainly I just want my fix of bright, shiny, colorful spandex fun. So glad to hear that Mahnke appears to be the permanent new artist on “JLA”. If he stays, I likely will, too.

Finch has done an amazing job on art. That said, Mahnke is one of my favorite artists.

Mahnke is one of my all time favourite artists! His Justice League work with Joe Kelly is some of the coolest DC artwork I have seen. Love that he returns to a version of the league, even if its not the big 7.
I also hope that he someday returns to drawing a batbook with a good writer attatched, for a long time. Loved the stuff he did when Jason Todd returned.

To be honest, while i’m a fan of Finch, his work on JLA has really been disappointing. Looking forward to Doug Mankhe!

I love Doug Mankhe, and am so sad he hasn’t done anything in years that I’m willing to read, since Johns just doesn’t do anything for me. I’ve also said for years that Mahnke is the perfect artist to do a Justice League book, so…good for him? I can’t say I’m not disappointed that it’s not one I want to read, but that’s just my personal relationship to DC these days.

All that said, I have NEVER understood David Finch’s appeal. It always looked grotesque and grimace-y to me. It seems a little embarrassing that the high-profile launch of Finch on JLA only lasted three issues, so I’ll be extra interested to see if they assign him elsewhere or if he packs up shop. In the last two years, with very little exception, I’ve been more entertained by creative shuffling than by creative decisions at DC.

I’m surprised Finch lasted three issues on JLA. I used to to really dig his artwork back when he was on New Avengers with Bendis (like 10 years ago). I don’t know what’s happened to his work lately, but I don’t care for it. I think he’s the type of artist that needs to work on an ogn where he can really spread out and breathe with his art (just like Hitch and Cassaday). Mahnke on anything is always welcome (which feels odd for me to say cause when I first encountered his art in JLA I hated it).

Mankhe did JL years ago and I didn’t care for it at all! Finch was doing awesome why is he leaving?

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