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Facebook puts Frank Cho through ’14 hours of hell’

frank-cho-warningAlthough Frank Cho has earned acclaim for work ranging from Liberty Meadows to Shanna the She-Devil to Mighty Avengers, his often-racy pinups frequently garner the most notice.

However, that attention isn’t always positive. Such is the case on Facebook, which apparently blocked Cho’s account for about half of Tuesday.

Artist Gene Ha passed along the news last night from Cho, who wrote, “Someone took offense to my artwork and got me BANNED from Facebook. My account is completely locked out. This is my third offense. The first two times, I was suspended. But this time I can’t even login. The screen goes white. At this point, I just want to know which image got me banned.”

But shortly thereafter, the matter appeared to have been resolved, with Cho again having access to his Facebook account.

After 14 hours of hell, my Facebook account is working again with no explanation,” the artist wrote. “Every time I login, my screen went completely white. I tried login on 3 separate computers and all 3 went blank. My tech buddy, Brandon Peterson, figured out that it was not a physical problem but someone from Facebook admin just put a block on my account. Now they just lifted my block without a reason or explanation.”

While Cho is back on Facebook, for now, which image triggered the apparent ban remains a mystery.



damn this guy cant catch a break, what with a tree falling on his house during sandy.

and his hate isnt even remotely deserved, yes he brings the sexy in his female characters, but he does it with grace and dignity , they might have great boobs and butts, but he never does back broke poses or bad anatomy for the sake of sexying it up.

and more offen than not his women, are WOMEN, they rent bone thin sticks like other artist (david finch) draw them they are fit, muscular and powerful looking.

sorry misspelled

“”they ARENT bone thin sticks like other artist (david finch) draw them they are fit, muscular and powerful looking””

Rollo Tomassi

May 15, 2013 at 8:20 am

First World Problems = Not being able to access my Facebook account is the same as HELL.

And yet, a page where people mock a girl who killed herself remains untouched.

Good job, Zuckerberg.

Unless he was drawing explicitly naked women doing things like sucking dick, I don’t see why Facebook would ban him… unless an admin working for them had an ax to grind with Cho, which is entirely possible.

I’m with Rollo on this one . . . LOL

Yeah, seriously….”14 hours of hell”? REALLY? Dude, just post your art to DeviantArt where it won’t get censored and get on with your life.

@Anonymous: you might not know it, but fb has a very liberal compliant policy. I follow a couple feeds that are constantly getting blocked, one for simply posting vintage glamour portraits of actresses (nothing beyond a modest plunging neckline there). If enough people hit that little compliant tab they have it can lead right to this w/ out any fair investigation on fb part. What they need is a properly staffed complaint department and a system for guys like Cho to head these complaints off before they even start.

LOL @ the “14 hours of hell” comment. Get some perspective there bud.

Scott Brunson

May 15, 2013 at 9:57 am

@Rollo Tomassi

“First World Problems = Not being able to access my Facebook account is the same as HELL.”

Not saying Frank needs it, but are you really aware how big a tool Facebook is for artists and authors for communication, sharing, self-promotion, and collaboration?

nono, what’s crazy is that this needed to be “reported”

I don’t even own a Facebook! … account!

(I’m totally being hipster before it’s even cool, which makes me some sort of Ultra Hipster.)

Welcome to Facebook, Frank! They pull this kind of crap all the time and there is no recourse and no known way to talk to an actual human at Facebook.


May 15, 2013 at 8:13 pm

“What they need is a properly staffed complaint department”

“no known way to talk to an actual human at Facebook.”

Do you guys realize facebook has over 1 BILLION users? The human workforce necessary to supervise and police the whole matrix, to even read the complaints, would resolve the issue of unemployment world-wide…

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