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Francesco Francavilla goes Batploitation with ‘Batman 1972′


I’ve found an addition to my imaginary shelf of Awesome Retro Comics Projects That Never Were, right next to a Nick Fury and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series set in the swingin’ ’60s of the Marvel Universe (they’re cataloged by decade): Batman 1972, by Francesco Francavilla.

Better known for his more pulpish work, Francavilla proves himself equally suited for capturing the feel of an early-’70s crime movie, with his take on a Dark Knight a smokes and wears a turtleneck and leather jacket, a James Gordon sporting a handlebar mustache and a Catwoman rocking a ‘fro.

“Yes, you are witnessing the first case of BATPLOITATION,” Francavilla writes. “Hope ya dig it.”

You can see The Riddler, as well as other takes on Batman and Catwoman, on his blog. I’m hoping we get a look at teenage Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon soon.





Now those are FLY.

He’s one Bat-Mutha’-F-
Shut yo’ mouth!
But I’m just talkin’ about Bruce-
I can dig it indeed.

DC Make this happen!

Looks awesome. I’d love to see a sequel set in the 80’s with a coked-up Bruce Wayne driving a DeLorean

I’m not generally a big fan of Francavilla’s work, but this looks great.


Now that is a Bat book I would buy.

Too bad DC has zero imagination. An editor, (Didio!) should immediattely ask francesco for a series bible/treatment. If he only wants to draw it, hello David Lapham, warren ellis, or garth ennis,

I want a 1970s Jim Gordon solo series. That ‘stache alone is enough to clear crime from the streets of Gotham!

DC, we demand you make this a digital-first series. We all know that’s where you put the creative fun books, so it’s cool.

I would read anything drawn by Francavilla, so I might be biased here… but I would love the hell out of this, if it became a thing! :)

Has DiDio et al killed off Elseworlds to make this comic a possibilty? Surely DC could use a break from pushing the Morrison/Snyderverse Bats for something this inventive and FUN—. a limited series version of The Dark Knight Detective that can actually draw in “lapsed” and “new readers” that are currently avoiding their New 52 line in droves…

I’d fire up some FUNKADELIC while reading this.

I’m not into Batman unless its something fun like Batman: The Brave & the Bold and sometimes Adam West.
This… just might qualify for “Hey, I’d read that!” :P (Oh, Gordon, Gordon, you look so damn retro cool. Also love the Batmobile.)

Sweet Christmas, this needs to happen yesterday !

Absolutely love it. C’mon DC! Make this happen!

Holy Crap that is awesome!!! I can’t wait to see it in print. Francavilla is a savant! READ BLACK BEETLE (if you haven’t already)

I think the concept is cool, but wasn’t 70’s Batman already the 70′-est thing around? The disco Catwoman outfit, the big collars on Bruce Wayne, and of course “Batman Digs This Day!”


May 28, 2013 at 4:21 pm

Too bad DC has zero imagination. An editor, (Didio!) should immediattely ask francesco for a series bible/treatment. If he only wants to draw it, hello David Lapham


I LOVE FF’s stuff — I buy just about anything he does a cover for — so count me in!

If you want to see this happen then please try and sign my petition on, there stuff in it about my writing but I wanted to related it back to creative inspiring other creatives so just ignore that bit of we get 99 more people I can up the number to more but I had to start with 99 like most people on the site. Thank you all and thank FF for being the God that he is and saving us from DC boredom.

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