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Hugh Jackman sinks his claws into Free Comic Book Day


Following in the footsteps of Punisher star Thomas Jane, The Wolverine‘s Hugh Jackman has released a video in support of Free Comic Book Day, which will be held Saturday at comic stores across North America and around the globe.

“Let’s face it, as we all know, all the best movies end up being made from comic books, like The Wolverine,” the actor says.

More than 4.6 million comic books are expected to be given away Saturday. Find a participating store near you with



He’s got a second video out there (earlier…I’m guessing?). Neat to see him support the cause.

Well, you can’t argue with both the Punisher AND Wolverine, can you?

And he’s right about the best movies being adaptations of comics. The New Les Miserables Adventures: Uncanny Jean Valjean Force #4 is awesome!

Not to mention that Citizen Kane was adapted from a short piece originally featured in More Fun Than Before Comics #6 circa 1939. Some of you might remember that in this classic issue we get the the first appearances of Captain Proletariat and his arch-nemesis the Charlestonian.

Funny, I thought Les Miserables was adapted from Spider-Man, with Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert based on Peter Parker and J Jonah Jameson…

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