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‘It was exactly the right storyline to go out on with him’

Green Lantern #20

Green Lantern #20

“The run started with Hal and Sinestro and kind of continued that relationship, which only got stronger when Sinestro became a Green Lantern again and he and Hal were forced to team up. As I was building towards this next confrontation involving the land of the dead, Hal returning from the dead again and Sinestro and him having another change in their relationship, it just felt like the right time to go. Once I got through this next phase of Hal and Sinestro’s relationship and how it went all the way back to ‘Rebirth’ and then to this point, to me, that was the right time to move on. The story decided it. I think the last issue has a lot of stuff in it that puts an exclamation point on everything we did on the run. […] [Hal has] sacrificed his life, and now he has to find his way back again. It started with a ‘Rebirth,’ it ends with a rebirth. It just felt right. Hal is a character who lives for the day and he’s so full of life, death can’t stop him. It was exactly the right storyline to go out on with him.”

Geoff Johns, talking with Comic Book Resources about his nine-year run onGreen Lantern, which comes to an end Wednesday



yup it was a good run, really liked the pre new 52 stuff

Good ridance

The right time was about 20 issues ago.

@Chris – I reluctantly have to agree. While I have enjoyed the Baz GL the whole First Lantern arc was forced and after so many climactic climaxes, simply underwhelming and drawn out. Which is a shame as I haved Johns’ run since Rebirth.

Brubaker had the same problem with his final 20 issues of Captain America.

Chris McFeely

May 22, 2013 at 4:44 am

And indeed, Bendis with his Avengers post-Siege.

Chris McFeely

May 22, 2013 at 4:45 am

But like those other writers mentioned here, regardless of what your personal feelings about any or ALL of his run, I don’t think even the most ardent hater could deny the massive significance of Johns to GL, and the way he completely reinvented, rejuvenated and reinvigorated the franchise and turned it into something LOTS of people were willing to CARE about again. History will, quite rightly, regard it as one of the greats.

I’ll cut you a deal, McFeely. I won’t deny anything if you finish that darn-blasted Digimon Encyclopedia!

Except for poor exposition, Johns has done tremendous work for the Green Lantern franchise. His plotting has been great and he has written some of my favorite stories. On the other hand, when I reread a lot of it, I cringe at how bad the dialogue is. Blackest Night, was dragged out too.

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