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Latour salutes Mignola with HeroesCon exclusive print, badges

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Jason Latour, artist on the Mignola-verse titles Sledgehammer 44 and B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Pickens County Horror, has posted the image below to his blog, and it’s a doozy. His work on those two Hellboy spinoffs has been under-praised, pitched perfectly between the contributions made to Dark Horse’s flagship line by the likes of Guy Davis and Duncan Fegredo. This composition was produced as badge designs and program cover an exclusive print for this year’s HeroesCon, which as Latour points out, has been an ambition of his for most of his life. That’s another one scratched off the bucket list.

Close-ups of several of these panels can be seen at Latour’s Instagram feed, in various stages of completion. He’s on something of a hot streak as an artist and a writer these last couple of years. I don’t buy that many Marvel comics these days, but his presence on Winter Soldier sold it to me. I’ll miss it, but here’s hoping he makes his way back to Dark Horse for more digging around in Mignola’s sandbox.




Latour and Klein are supposively doing something else at Marvel, which is great news. Their run on WS was too short.

This is the nicest art I’ve seen from Latour, I may prefer his excellent writing abilities but this was neat to see. Thanks for posting.

Definitely gonna hang onto to this badge after Heroes. Its a good piece.

I wish Heroescon would do a blank cover variant for those who like to get a ton of signatures.

Looks like this one is going to be a little busy for that….

Don’t know if you guys at CBR know this or not but Mignola was NOT made aware of this. Actually, reading his Facebook feed he appears a little surprised and disappointed that his character is being highlighted at a con he is unable to attend. Not to mention NOT being asked for permission. Tough you would want to know.

Ooops meant “Thought you would want to know.”

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