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Library hopes to raise $30K for life-size Hulk statue, comics

hulk statueA suburban Chicago library hopes to raise $30,000 through an Indiegogo campaign to purchase a 9-feet-tall statue of the Incredible Hulk, graphic novels and a comics-creation station.

Just as Dr. Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk, we want our library community members to make their own personal transformations through books, programs, and awesome new equipment,” Tom Mukite, a trustee of the Northlake Public Library, writes on the project’s Indiegogo page. “This larger-than-life literary character will become a giant green beacon of light to highlight our graphic novel collection, our creation station … not to mention the library’s sense of humor and whimsy. The project will show off the fun side of the library and get the community talking. The HULK will force patrons to look at the library in a whole new way.”

According to the Franklin Park Herald-Journal, Mukite became a library trustee in October specifically so he could spearhead the campaign. “We’ve been working on The Hulk statue since August when we first got the idea for it,” he tells the newspaper. “It was running a bit slow. We have to get everything approved by the trustees. I figured if I was on the board, everything would be easier.”

The library has about 2,300 graphic novels and manga, but hopes to greatly expand the collection. In addition to the books and the statue, made by licensed sculptor Studio Oxmox, the goal is to purchase an iMac with a drawing pad, editing software, a 3D printer and more.

So far, the Northlake Public Library has raised $775. The campaign ends June 9.



Or, they could, you know, spend that money on books.

They are spending some of the cash of books.
The other stuff is to obvious get more people into the Library.

If you visit the site, they are buying books, and a computer, and a hulk

“We have a Hulk”

i’ll support it!

I’ve seen this statue in person. It’s truly awesome. I reckon the statue from the “Incredible Hulk” movie would’ve been cheaper though.

Drusilla lives!

May 3, 2013 at 9:19 am

I could think of a lot of ways to spend 30k… but on a Hulk statue?

Why don’t they raise the money for a local food bank or shelter… do we really need another Hulk statue?

Libraries offer more than books, and I think the Hulk statue and the whole computer unit and everything is a great idea that would definitely help increase traffic into the library and that in turn could help them ask for more funds as well as donations from the people that would again frequent the library more often. The library’s own customers would one hope spend money (at the friends of the library store if they have one) and they might take a greater interests in things beneficial to the library . . . thus more attractions, more patrons, more interest in the libraries own well being.

I wish our library had something like that . . .

Im personally donating my entire collection to this library. They can sell it or do whatever they want with it. Libraries should not just be places for people to read and books to sit on shelves. They need to inspire people to read. Comics turn readers into fans and fans into readers… This starts by getting peope in the door and moving forward by putting the literature in their hands.

You dont have to belive me but I am dropping off half of it today… A project like this hits close to home for some people like myself. I would never have learned to read if not for comics. 2 working parents as a latch key kid no one would have known till I was digging ditches as an adult. I found my way into a local shop and have been collecting ever since. This is about much more than comics and a statue to many people.

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