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‘Man of Steel’ brought Jim Lee to tears


DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee appeared Saturday on CBS New York to promote Free Comic Book Day, but he also used the time to plug Warner Bros.’ upcoming Man of Steel — “It brought me to tears, actually, a couple of times” — and Superman comics, and to inform the anchor that, no, they’re not all drawn by the same artist.

“It seems like they’re all sort of drawn the same way,” the anchor says. “But you actually have different people doing these drawings?”

Still, Lee talked perhaps the most about director Zack Snyder’s franchise reboot, saying, “It’s an amazing reimagining of Superman. There’s stuff in there you’ve never seen in a Superman movie before. The special effects are incredible, but it’s got a lot of heart.”



Simon DelMonte

May 6, 2013 at 12:14 pm

I don’t know if this is a good thing. Iron Man isn’t likely to bring anyone to tears, but it was so utterly light on its feet and totally fun. And a Superman film with a lot of heart but no sense of fun is sort of missing the point of a larger than life figure like Superman.

It is so odd that the Marvel-produced films are the light and frothy ones, leaving out most of the trademark Marvel angst, and Superman seems to be getting as much angst as Spidey.

Whatever Simon.

I’m sure Jim Lee was annoyed by that anchor’s question about all comic book art looking the same, hahaha.

“That’s funny, Mr. Anchor, because until today I thought all you newsanchors were poured from the exact same mould, reporting the exact same news…I mean, you guys all look and sound the exact same way.”

I would argue that if you are not moved to tears by the story of Superman’s origin than either the film maker’s totally dropped the ball or you are without a soul.

yeah modern day superman looks like a muscled freak, with a spraypaint costume.
i prefer shuster over lee any day of the week.

Maybe he wept from sad realization over how all “improvements” to Superman’s costume are actually unnecessary and to its detriment, much less those that put him in armor.

The trailer made me cry . . . and love Kevin Costner. I have high hopes for this movie . . .

Looooooooooooooooove how Lee didn’t answer the question about “people complaining.” What prick….has been hanging around DiDio for too long.

Pretty soon Lee will be trying to sleep with artists’ wives at conventions like DiDio.

(Look at you Eddie Berganza)

“i prefer shuster over lee any day of the week.”

Yes, because changing how a few of the lines on his suit are drawn really changes the character, doesn’t it? The only people that would think this are people that don’t know how to read comics, and thus have missed all of the details that REALLY make Superman who he is, which are all still present in ANY of the newer versions, from Smallville, to New 52, to Man of Steel. In your eyes, Superman is a COSTUME, and not a character, and that is the entirely wrong viewpoint. If you leave your tunnel-vision glasses at home, and go to see a SUPERMAN movie, you may be pleasantly surprised and actually like it. However, if you go in, and write-off the movie entirely based ONLY on the fact that he’s not wearing red underpants on the outside of his suit….. then A.) you are NOT a real SUPERMAN fan, no matter WHAT you say, and B.) You need to re-learn what makes a character and a story important.

Mark Kardwell

May 6, 2013 at 2:01 pm

That news reader was maybe an idiot savant. All DC comics do look kinda the same these days, with a couple of obvious exceptions.

…Maybe Lee doesn’t feel the need to address the few complaints from internet fan-boys who clearly don’t know how to read comics? Comics adapt and change with the times, and they ALWAYS have, and they ALWAYS will. The fact of the matter is, if you like Super-Hero comics, you NEED to be ready to see your character change over the years, because A.) they will likely NEVER die, and B.) the publishers need to bring in new fans every so often to keep the business alive, and will do so any time things get stale. Superman has been stale ever since he took on Doomsday in the 90’s and “died.” NONE of his stories were interesting, or even came close to trying to deal with what makes SUPERMAN a unique character worth reading about, it just became “well, now even DEATH can’t stop him, so let’s just throw big monsters at him every week for YEARS.” The fact that DC was brave enough to re-set him, and start over fresh with a chance to keep his personality and unique traits intact, is far more meaningful than a few old men complaining about the fact that they can’t see Superman’s underpants anymore.

So Iron Man is part of The Justice League? Nice. Niiiiice.

Why didnt they just promote John Byrne to Pres/Publisher….or Neal Adams ? Other artists clone their work too. Oh well,” Iron Man 3” has made a continent full of money so far , lets see what ‘Man of Steel’ does at the box office …

When Jim Lee mentions his gradmother knowing members in Justice League the anchors like Iron Man haha

DC seems to have a “House Style” while all the characters don’t look exactly the same there isn’t a great deviation of style between most of the books.

And Dan goes on and on like a sycophantic fanboy unwilling to tolerate criticism of his beloved DC, while attacking others for daring to be critical of the books THEY BUY. Get over yourself Dan, seriously.

Watching David Goyer’s unbelievably homophobic “Da Vinci” brought me to tears of laughter at the crap that spooled out of his cranial anus. I am full of trepidation that two homophobic bigots like Goyer and Snyder (who openly admitted pandering to teenagers ‘gay panic’ in 300) will have inserted some homophobic joke or remark in Superman. I can only hope Nolan did not allow it.

Then we have Lee, a man who made millions by scratching out really bad manga-looking drawings that all seem stiff, over-rendered, and extremely posed and lacking in fluidity. With costume design work that is so uninspired and nineties retro that it makes you cry tears inspired by ugly mediocrity.

I knew Didio would be the death of DC, but never anticipated this long, slow, drawn-out death that’s akin to a torture scene in Se7en. They’ve destroyed Wonder woman in every real sense, and have turned virtually every character into a really bad, empty ersatz version of their former selves. Thank goodness for Morrison, but even he can only do so much. Rucka’s gone, Simone’s soon to follow I suspect, and soon it’ll be Rob Liefeld as CEO of DC enterprises. You know they would if they could.

So what was the interview about? Based on these comments: Superman’s underwear, Jim Lee hate, gay rights, and Iron Man.

Will you people that aren’t looking forward to this film just stfu, stay at home, and let normal people enjoy themselves?

You fanboys will find negativity in EVERYTHING. Your lives must be horrible renditions of reality. I pity you. Seriously I do. Comic book movies are looking better and better every year, yet you people won’t just… ENJOY them. Is that so hard?

Go get a girlfriend or a boyfriend or a dog. Or a life!

I guarantee that if you focused all that frustration you have for Superman’s costume, Jim Lee’s art, Zack Snyder’s… whatever, or your use of Iron Man to bash DC Comics, on ANYTHING that… you know what? F**k it. Haha!

I don’t care. Be pathetic. Jim Lee’s paid, Snyder’s rollin’ in dough, Superman STILL has a new costume and “Man of Steel” will eclipse Iron Man 3 in the box office. The rest of you fanboys can be broke, fat, sniffling, virgins who’s only thrill in life is bashing successful people; and the closest thing to ANYONE’S underwear you’ll see IS Superman’s… But I still have \S/ for you. ;)

sandro frias

May 6, 2013 at 8:55 pm

I was a big fan of the original Superman movies, and smallville had it’s moments. Superman is not ironman or batman, so it shouldn’t be treated in the same way. It’s a story of a guy who has the power of a god with a human soul(yeah I know he’s an alien). I think if you were raised on Christopher Reeves playing superman, you know there are large shoes to fill. Some have tried and failed. It would be cool if they can capture that sense of wonder I felt as a boy seeing superman fly for the first time with that theme song playing at full blast. They got alot of great minds working on it. Let’s see if they got the job done. Or is it going to be another cry baby superman from the last movie with almost no action. You know the movie stinks when you’re cheering for lex Luther to finish off superman!


May 7, 2013 at 4:20 am

I’m excited for this release, especially after Ironman3 slipping on banana peels and spouting quips like peter parker for 2 hours.

It’s not surprising that this brings out the geek-freeks. From homophobe-conspiracy theorists to friggin’ underwear devotees. Just dont watch this movie and go ogle Christopher Reeve’s old ass movies til you rot. What a bunch of nostalgia-goggled fools.

Kory Stephens

May 7, 2013 at 6:14 am

GTFO my TV, Lee! No more the camera whore than the Didiot is..

Irwin Schwab

May 7, 2013 at 6:56 am

You know, Jim Lee is just not very good.

Yes, Irwin, that’s why Jim Lee was a founding member of a very successful comic book publisher, has made millions of dollars for himslef, is co-publisher for one of the big two comic book companies, commands huge rates for his artwork, is in demand as a spokesperson for the comic book industry, and anything he draws for DC sells as well or better than anything else on the stands: he’s just not very good.

WHile you, and the other naysayers on this board, on the other hand, have done what exactly?

“Yet you people won’t just… ENJOY them. Is that so hard?”

It’s harder for me to enjoy a movie that I think is really bad than a movie that I think is really good, yes.

It’s not like I’m going to watch Man of Steel and be like “Oh, this is the best movie ever made… but I still hated it.”

I’m going to watch a bunch of /other/ movies that /aren’t/ Man of Steel and be like “These are better than Man of Steel, so I enjoy them more.”

Or if I don’t feel like watching a movie at /all/, I could, you know, pet my dog, or go out with my girlfriend, or live my life.


Aaaaaaanyway, the anchor’s unintentional dig at DC’s house style was wonderful.

Irwin Schwab

May 8, 2013 at 6:54 am

Well, he’s not. I mean, he’s sold tons of books and made lots of money, so fair play to him, but sales has nothing to do with “good.” He’s never drawn a story anyone actually gives a darn about; I’d be hard pressed to name one that anybody was talking about as little as a month after it finished.

Why do I have a feeling that whenever someone who’s working on a film, is being asked about it and he or she mentions special effects in the first place, it means that the film is actually bad? I mean, I would love me some good Snydery Superman in a darker watchmen-like tone, but I am afraid to have high expectations.

Anyway special effects won’t make a good movie, just look at the new Star Wars trilogy or Green Lantern. It’s the story and characters that make the film, so why do people keep talking about effects? + Talking about your competition means that you don’t have much to say about your own work.

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