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Mike Mignola draws covers for brother’s ‘Pinocchio’ books


Ever heard of digital publisher Dog Boy Productions? Neither had I until I saw these earlier: Mike Mignola’s cover designs for a new edition of Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio, and Scott Mignola’s Pinocchio’s Forgotten Land.

Digging about, it seems that Dog Boy was set up by Scott Mignola as “a small boutique publisher of new, rare, and out-of-print material in digital form.”  Sounds promising, and having one of the greatest illustrators of a generation in the family can’t hurt, either. The pencils for the cover of the Collodi book can also be seen below.

Mignola - Pinocchio 1 (pencils)



Thanks for the publicity, Mark! Both books are now available for Kindle, and coming soon to the iTunes Store.

You’ll find links to both at our dogboypro website. Thanks for your support!

I want actual print versions of these like the Mike’s Father Gaetano’s Puppet Catechism. Why just digital. Do a double collection featuring both books or something. I want to sit and flip the pages. I am checking out the digital versions but I want print!

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