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New Jersey couple selling comic collection to rebuild after Sandy

donald duckA New Jersey couple is auctioning a collection of Golden Age comics in an effort to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.

According to the Asbury Park Press, Brick and Britta Wenzel of Lavallette didn’t have flood insurance for their seven properties — among them, a restaurant, gift store and ice cream parlor — which received $850,000 worth of damage in the October storm. In its aftermath, they rented an unfurnished apartment, applied for a disaster loan, and then began taking inventory of their belongings.

That’s when Brick remembered the nearly two-dozen boxes of old comic books left by his father, who passed away in 2005. Named for Brick Bradford, star of the classic sci-fi comic strip, Brick Wenzel began researching the 1,200-comic collection, which he discovered is worth nearly $1 million.

So the Wenzels turned to, which is auctioning more than 400 of the comics through May 16. Among the highlights are Young Allies #1-2, All-Star Comics #18, Mystery in Space #1, Donald Duck Four Color #9 and Action Comics #34.

You won’t find any Brick Bradford comics, however; the Wenzels are keeping those.



Cool, water damaged comics that NOBODY cares for.

You stay classy, Knicks. Oh and if you have nothing better to do with yourself than troll people trying to get back on their feet… perhaps you should also re-examine just what the heck you are doing with your life.

lol. right on aaron.

thanks, Aaron.

thus proving ones collection including comics can bare fruit. or in this case help the couple rebuild their lives though odds are the couple are proably having mixed feelings over selling the comics given how brick got them from his deceased father. hope the couple gets a fortune from the comics to start rebuilding their lives.

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