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Once critical, Kevin Maguire ‘now cool’ with Valiant Entertainment

trinity angels1Veteran artist Kevin Maguire, who’s been vocal with his concerns about the Valiant Entertainment revival and the treatment of the original creators, reveals his questions were answered over the weekend at Phoenix Comicon.

“… Had a pleasant chat with Valiant CEO Dinesh Shamdasani who gave me all the information I was looking for vis-a-vis Trinity Angels,” he wrote last night on his Facebook page. “I am now cool with them.”

Following the announcement in March that Valiant planned to relaunch Quantum and Woody, the mid-1990s series by Christopher Priest and Mark Bright, Maguire publicly recounted efforts by the two creators to purchase the rights to the property, and his own attempts to reclaim Trinity Angels, following the 2004 closing of Valiant Comics successor Acclaim Entertainment. The rights to the Valiant Comics library were acquired in 2005 by the current owner, Valiant Entertainment, which began relaunching the original titles in 2012.

“I will announce right now that if they have any intentions of re-vamping Trinity Angels without me, I will be 1000% against it,” Maguire wrote in March. “I should have the rights to the material, just as Priest/Bright should have the rights to Quantum and Woody.”

The new Quantum and Woody, by James Asmus, Tom Fowler and Jordie Bellaire, premieres July 10. In a March interview with CBR, Valiant’s Shamdasani said the company has spoken with Priest and Bright “about a bunch of different projects — most recently one that I’m super-excited about.” “We have a couple things up in the air with Chris, and we’re pulling to circle back and solidify them now that we have the new series up and running in a place we’re happy about.”



Glad to hear. Hope we’ll be hearing something similar out of Priest (don’t call him Chris) and Bright soon.

I’m still disappointed at the prospect of Quantum and Woody without its creators. But if they’re in the loop and being fairly compensated for the property (and for their back issues on Comixology), that’s the most important thing.

Trinity Angels was awful IIRC, Maguire is better off focusing his energies elsewhere…

Well for budget issues not related to these complaints I’m jumping off the Valiant bandwagon in June at the end of all the current story arcs.Resolved or not VEI should have seen this coming and not simply outbid everyone.Of course you won’t hear this from Dinesh’s syncophant’s on this blog.Still like the company’s output overall and will continue in trade when I can. Actually Snikt Snakt may be right here because I recently stumbled across some other Acclaim era titles Bloodshot,Shadowman, and Turok Spring Break and they were all awful.

I was surprised how much I liked the new Valiant stuff, no having been overly enamoured with their stuff back in the day (although I gave up reading comics for a vast chunk of the 90’s). And I am delighted to hear that Priest is getting back into comics. His run on Black Panther was insanely cool, and far smarter than anyone could have expected, filled with intrigue, action, drama, international politics and a smattering of economics.

I would love to see his run collected by Marvel (and why not throw in the Crew while you’re at it?).

I like that this worked out, but I’m still curious how the ownership for Quantum & Woody breaks down, honestly. I know the economic details should probably be kept under wraps, but I’m wondering how they went from no communication to “cool,” and what bearing that has on Q&W.

Doctor Timebomb

May 28, 2013 at 10:45 am

We probably won’t ever hear from Priest and Bright. Graeme McMillan and Kiel Phiegly have both said they tried to get them on record and that neither are interested in talking about Q&W.

I wondered about Trinity Angels. Yes, it was the weakest of the Acclaim titles, but hey, it’s Kevin Maguire !

Glad to see that VE and Maguire are on a speaking basis, and interested to see what Priest and Bright will be on.

@Timebomb: It seems to me that their refusal to comment suggests that they’re trying to work out a deal. That doesn’t mean that they’ll never comment on the subject; it just means that they’re not going to talk about it while negotiations are still ongoing.

Ricardo Amaral

May 28, 2013 at 10:08 pm

I still hope to see the complete PunX released at least digitally. It was the best Valiant Book…

yup I hope Valiant shelves any work he did and keeps moving forward with their relaunch, these creators heads get too huge while they do WORK FOR HIRE

nice that valients head did not give maquire the run around over the relaunch of trinity angel. though too bad that the project they are hinting at being in talks with priest and bright is not them doing some quantum and woody themselves or being part of the relaunch .

@yupsolo: They did work-for-hire under contracts with a reversion clause. Acclaim did not honor those contracts.

Did you read more than two sentences into the article before deciding to post a snotty comment?

Cross-posting this; I just posted it over on the Beat:

Bright speaks briefly on the subject to Rich Johnston:

He says, “Our position with Valiant isn’t adversarial. The people at Valiant have been more than willing to talk about what is happening at the company and with Quantum and Woody and with Priest and me. What happens from here is yet to be seen, but everything thus far has been amicable.”

Good news.

Johnston adds: “And I’m told that even though they are not legally obliged to, Valiant are offering to pay royalties to creators on the publication of older work.” He doesn’t name a source for that information but it’s consistent with what we know (Maguire complained about not receiving royalties for the old Trinity Angels stuff, and now he says things are cool).

I still think it’s a little messed up if Priest and Bright aren’t getting compensated for the new series, but it sounds like Valiant’s doing more than it’s legally obligated to and that’s a big step in the right direction.

Good. Now I can go enjoy that Ty Templeton comic.

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