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Petition asks Edmonton to build giant Wolverine statue

wolverineWhat would make Edmonton, Alberta, Canada a “‘world class’ city?” How about a 1,000-foot statue of Wolverine?

Just like “the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Statue of Liberty in New York City,” the Wolverine statue “would be a major boon for tourism in the city,” writes Brian LaBelle in his petition on “It is also important because it is what is commonly referred to as a ‘catalyst project,’ meaning it will spur greater growth on the downtown of Alberta’s capital city and create numerous spin-off projects in much the same way that the X-Men comic book spun off dozens of other successful books.”

The petition couldn’t come at a better time, as there’s already a project happening to revitalize the downtown area of Edmonton — and build a new arena for the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers. A commenter suggests that perhaps the petition is a parody and “provides a clear example of how poorly conceived the current Arena deal with [Oilers owner Daryl] Katz is.” I can only hope that isn’t the case, as I’ve never been to Edmonton myself, but a statue of Wolverine would certainly be enough to get me to renew my passport and head north.



Hmm is this like people talking about building a Robocop statue in Detroit? If first started as a joke then people started taking it seriously.

1000 ft? Soooo not to scale.

Seriously this sounds awesome.

1,000 feet tall? So, just a little shorter than the Eiffel Tower? Don’t see it happening. Would be awesome.

Edmonton City Council could shut down this nonsense instantly by requiring petitioners to build it with their own money.

A petition to get something built…it’s called Kickstarter.

Chip in your own money and do what you like! There should be a Marvel Comics statue in New York for sure, with maybe Stan Lee, and jack Kirby working at a drawing board

A statue, maybe 30 to 50 feet tall is doable. It could be like the Superman statue in Metropolis, Illinois.

As a local Ed, aka Edmontonian, I do support this motion.

First we get giant bat (baseball)
Then some silva balls,
now, Giant mutant?? YUSSS. Pass it now, or else .

Truly yours,
This is stan.

Hey Stan,

As a local Deadmontonian, how are you enjoying those pot holes? You like that?

Pfft Wolverine, more like Glowverine if we soak him in glow-in-ze-dark paint.

Bobby dukes is back!

Geoff my man

Pot holes or no pot holes, thus is thus question so far.

We could bring back some dirty old gravel roads and it would nice. Wolverine wont let that happen, his eye is on the city, and the city calls his name


Alan, the guy petitioning for it IS offering up his own money. $100,000,000 from ticket taxes added on to the cost of riding the elevator up to the claws. It’s pretty much the exact same offer Katz is making on the downtown arena but obviously much cooler.

Alan’s response is an example of why this will never happen. Welcome to the majority conservative capital of Canada. Too bad. It would have been about the only good reason to visit DEdmonton Alberta. I mean these people have a hard time agreeing that it’s worth it to spend the money to clear the streets 2 months after it has snowed, let alone invest in the arts. They would rather buy a new turbo diesel pick up truck with a lift kit, exhaust, and metal nuts to hang off the back, before anything else. Actually! What about proposing a 1,000 ft monster truck statue instead!?!

Hey, how about a statue of Spawn? Created by that Edmonton native son, Todd MacFarlane?


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