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Quote of the Day | Gail Simone on Red Sonja

Red-Sonja-StaplesWhy do you want to write a comic about a scantily-clad, sword-wielding female “She-Devil” who has historically attracted an almost entirely male readership?

If that was all Red Sonja was, I wouldn’t want to write about her at all. She’s a lot more than that to me, and to her fans, I’m sure. A thousand imitators showing more flesh have come and gone, and Sonja is still here. […] But I also think it does a bit of a disservice to lump all male readers together like that, as well. I have found the male readership to be remarkably supportive of great female characters again and again, with Birds of Prey, with Wonder Woman, with Batgirl. I want a Red Sonja that isn’t just a cult title, with every character I love, when I take them over, I want to preach their gospel, I want people to know why I love them so much. Red Sonja kicks a megatonnage of ass, that’s what she does.

Gail Simone, whose Red Sonja series debuts in July from Dynamite Entertainment, in a Q&A with ICv2

Simone goes on to say she will be changing the character somewhat: “I think she’d gotten a bit omnipotent, and a bit icy, over the years. I want her to be more impulsive and prone to rash judgment.” And she’s going to tinker with Red Sonja’s origin story because “it needs to be reconsidered and retold in a way that’s less about weird gender politics from ages ago.”

The metal bikini, though? That’s gonna stay, apparently. But Dynamite has commissioned regular and variant covers from some of the top female artists in the business, including Colleen Doran, Fiona Staples, Amanda Conner, and Steph Buscema, which opens the door to some interesting interpretations of the character.



In all fairness Conan is also a scantily clad barbarian. In fact in his first Dark Horse series he hardly wore anything apart from a loin cloth.

Then there’s Tarzan as well. Doc Savage with his torn shirts etc.

Pulp characters like this are all about flesh, action, great adventure, wish fulfilment, and more flesh. Seriously though Sonja and Conan’s lack of clothing is more indicative of their attitude to battle – I’m so good that I don’t NEED armour or clothing. And when opponents see them like that they’re either a.) terrified of these naked lunatics coming at them with a battle axe, or b.) underestimate them as stupid barbarians, or in Sonja’s case a babe, much to their regret.

I’m glad Gail understands Red Sonja. Hopefully we won’t see “battle armour” in the near future. Yes DC, I’m looking at YOU!!!

Oh, and good on ICv2 for their inflammatory question that was nothing more than a pathetic attempt to shit-stir. Yes, ICv2 all us males read fantasy because of the boobies! Too bad for them Gail Simone is obviously a lot smarter than their “journalists.”

Jamie, you’ve never actualy read any pulp stories, have you?
Conan wore armour and clothes whenever he could and when he didn’t it was due to circumstances (such has having been unconscoíous, stripped and locked up), not because “I’m so good I don’t need armour”.
In the original The Gods of Bal-Sagoth (admittedly starring Turlough Dubh O’Brien rather than Conan), it’s
even a major point that the main character wears armour while his opponents are scantily clad warriors.

Red Sonja, with a j, of course, never appeared in any pulp stories.

Hans, I have all the Conan stories in print and many other pulps like Tarzan, John Carter, Doc Savage etc.

The fact is this article and my comments are referring to the comics-version of these characters.

The comic version of Conan and Red Sonja have primarily been drawn in loin cloths and metal bikinis, especially the Dark Horse version and the Dynamite version as I stated. Please feel free to read the comments a bit more carefully in the future, then your snarky comments won’t come back to slap you on the face so harshly.


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