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The Strangers

by Chris Roberson, Scott Kowalchuk and Dan Jackson (Oni Press)

For several years now, Oni Press has debuted a brand-new, complete first issue on Free Comic Book Day, offering fans a chance to sample the first one and hopefully come back for seconds. This year is no different, as one of their two FCBD offerings is The Strangers, the first issue of a new series written by Chris Roberson, who our own Chris Arrant interviewed this week, with art by Scott Kowalchuk and Dan Jackson.


Roberson, whose iZombie with Mike Allred I miss, has been on a roll since his split from DC Comics, with Memorial and Edison Rex both garnering acclaim. You might remember Kowalchuk from his amazing work on The Intrepids, where he showed off his quirky and cool mod-flavor art — which should fit well with this “swinging sixties supernatural superspies” book. Check out a preview here. –JK Parkin

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The 2000AD FCBD issue was excellent and did what it was supposed to do. While I don’t intend to start buying the magazine, it certainly encouraged me to buy some more trades (colour Nemesis the Warlock you will be mine; I can get a Judge Dredd helmet and personalised badge? Eiffel Tower!!!)
The Walking Dead FCBD was a bittersweet affair. Bittersweet in that Kirkman got my money for those Michonne/ Governor specials previously, but sweet when we got a new Tyrese story. Still a cry of “Kirkmannnnnnn!!!!” was heard several times in my LCS.
None of the independent titles were available at my store. Marvel and DC’s lacklustre FCBD effort was embarrassing but my 9 year old enjoyed reading Hulk Agents of Smash at least.
My favourite part of FCBD is that my LCS has $1 back issues and 25% off statues/ toys. It’s a day to save up for.

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