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Six free comics we can’t wait to get our hands on today

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Mass Effect/Killjoys/R.I.P.D.

by Jeremy Barlow, Peter M. Lenkov, Shaun Simon, Gerard Way, Mac Walters, Garry Brown, Tony Parker, Becky Cloonan, Michael Atiyeh, Michelle Madsen, Dave Stewart (Dark Horse)

Killjoys make some noise! We’ve been waiting an awful long time for The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, Gerard Way’s follow-up to the Umbrella Academy, the tie-in to the album of the same name and his team-up with Shaun Simon and the always incredible Becky Cloonan. We’ve listened to the music, watched the video and enjoyed the teases of artwork. But now, today, we can finally head the comic shop, screaming off our heads like, like … like a bunch of teenagers at a My Chemical Romance concert, and feast our souls on the story of Girl’s battle against the tyrannical police state Battery City. The kind of city with mandatory bed times …

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 4.35.01 PM

But wait — there’s more! Dark Horse’s second FCBD offering (the first features Star Wars and Avatar!) is actually a multimedia extravaganza, an anthology that cuts across the worlds of music, movies and video games. In addition to the Killjoys, there’s a also a new R.I.P.D. tale just in time for the bigger summer movie, and a Mass Effect tale that stars the Seth Green-voiced Joker, who pilots the Normandy. (Voiced in the game, that is; you have to provide your own voices when you read the comic). It’s kinda his secret origin, actually, so if you’re a fan of the game, be sure to check it out. –JK Parkin


Atomic Robo and Friends

by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener

Free Comic Book Day has become inextricably linked with Atomic Robo for me these last few years. It’s exactly the kind of comic I want to give to casual comics fans who are looking for something fun, exciting, and different, so Red 5’s offering is always the one I most look forward to. This year’s no different with Jay Fosgitt’s Bodie Troll joining everyone’s favorite, two-fisted robot. Bodie’s an adorable little monster who only wants to be taken seriously by the folks in his village, but the comic is more than just that one gag. Fosgitt’s built in some hilarious supporting characters and created a comic that’s as sweet as it is funny. It’s different enough from Atomic Robo to give the free comic some variety, but fits perfectly with the adventuresome, all-ages tone.

I’ll be picking up my copy at The Source Comics and Games in Roseville, Minnesota. It’s a large, awesome store that always has a huge FCBD celebration with snacks, giveaways (beside the official free comic offerings), a huge sale, and lots of talent from the Twin Cities’ vibrant comics scene. –Michael May

You can find previews of Free Comic Book Day comics right here, and a list of creator appearances and other retail events here.

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The 2000AD FCBD issue was excellent and did what it was supposed to do. While I don’t intend to start buying the magazine, it certainly encouraged me to buy some more trades (colour Nemesis the Warlock you will be mine; I can get a Judge Dredd helmet and personalised badge? Eiffel Tower!!!)
The Walking Dead FCBD was a bittersweet affair. Bittersweet in that Kirkman got my money for those Michonne/ Governor specials previously, but sweet when we got a new Tyrese story. Still a cry of “Kirkmannnnnnn!!!!” was heard several times in my LCS.
None of the independent titles were available at my store. Marvel and DC’s lacklustre FCBD effort was embarrassing but my 9 year old enjoyed reading Hulk Agents of Smash at least.
My favourite part of FCBD is that my LCS has $1 back issues and 25% off statues/ toys. It’s a day to save up for.

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