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Step aside, Captain Britain, here comes the Englishman!

Cover to The Englishman #1, with the titular star front and center.

“The Englishman” #1, with the star front and center

With Captain America leading Marvel’s charge into comic stores and movie houses, it’s no surprise that other countries want their own patriotic hero to represent them. British comics writer Chris Bunting and the digital publisher Eco Comics is stepping forward with what it contends is England’s first proper patriotic hero: the Englishman.

What about Captain Britain, you say? Well, according to the press release, Captain Britain “cannot be classed as patriotic: there is, of course, no such country as ‘Britain.'” Britain, or “Great Britain,” refers to the name of the island England sits on, so semantically speaking Eco Comics says a true patriotic hero must have its proper county in his name. Under this definition, Captain Britain falls short … but so would Captain America. America’s a general name for two continents, right?

Semantics aside, the impeding debut of the Englishman sees Bunting and artist Valentin Ramon doing a hero the writer calls “ambitious, dark and controversial.” In addition to the titular star, other English-themed heroes such as Greenbelt and Dry Stone Wall are said to appear.

“I often feel quite envious of the patriotism that so many other countries display, but ‘England’ has almost become a forgotten, even a dirty, word. To paraphrase the historian David Starkey, we should celebrate, and not be ashamed of, England,” Bunting said in a statement. “To help address this, just as the U.S. has its Captain America, I realized that England needed its own patriotic super hero: enter Englishman.”

The release date for The Englishman #1 hasn’t been announced by Eco at presstime, but news of this patriotic hero has already been picked up by mainstream UK TV outlets like Channel 4’s 10 O’Clock Live and The Guardian.



Well, no — GREAT Britain is the island; “Britain” is an informal name for the UK, much like “America” is for the US.

Still, it’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out. It’s nice to see the St Georges Cross not draped around the shoulders of a football hooligan for once. Go Englishman!

Pedro Bouça

May 2, 2013 at 9:43 am

Not to mention that “England” is just a part of the United Kingdom. The one that lords over all others, yes, but not the entire country…

Scots, Welsh and (Northern) Irish will have to find their own heroes, I guess.

Needs more Union Jack, that guy was awesome.

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