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The Marauders board ‘Deadpool’ video game


The cast of Activision’s Deadpool continues to grow with the announcement that Marauders Arclight, Blockbuster and Vertigo are joining their leader Mister Sinister in the video game. You can see the images below, courtesy of SuperHeroHype.

Arriving June 25 for or PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, Deadpool is a third-person shooter in which the character — like his comic-book counterpart — breaks the fourth wall to interact with players, in between combat focusing on guns, twin swords and an expanded arsenal that includes lasers and giant hammers.

Developed by High Moon Studios and written by Daniel Way, the game will retail in North America for a lower-than-usual $49.99 for consoles and $39.99 for PCs.

marauders-vertigo marauders-blockbuster marauders-arclight


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