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Watch the fan-made trailer for ‘Kingdom Come’


The odds of a Justice League movie ever making it to theaters are probably about even at the moment and, if rumors are to be believed, largely dependent on the box-office performance of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Thankfully, however, we won’t have to wait until 2015 or beyond to see Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern together in live-action form.

Director/producer Andrew List has released a low-budget fan trailer for Kingdom Come, based on the acclaimed 1996 miniseries by Alex Ross and Mark Waid. (How low-budget? The project’s indiegogo campaign generated $5,617.) Sure, some of the acting and green-screen work — to say nothing of Superman’s Southern accent — are a bit suspect, but there are a few moments that look as if they were taken right out of the comic. Considering the budget, it’s kind of impressive.




Hard to hear what they’re saying, but looks cool.

The acting’s poor, but it could be fun.

This thing is so bad it’s making me question the quality of Kingdom Come.

The acting isn’t terrific but they got the feel of it. A little more budget and better effects and they’d have something great.

Derek Metaltron

May 21, 2013 at 11:14 am

I was quietly impressed when I first saw this, even if some of the acting could be better. Makes you wonder what it would be like to see several of Alex Ross’s projects in live action or animation – Kingdom Come, Marvels, World Greatest Super Heroes, the Earth X Trilogy, Justice…

@Joe C

Seriously you question the quality of a book based on a low budget fan made trailer? It’s far from perfect but with $5000, you try to do better with a book that needs hundreds in its cast and millions for location and special effects. But I bet you can’t. They did well considering. The image of Supes on the barn top and holding up the tractor for example…great stuff.

Brian K. Eason

May 21, 2013 at 11:22 am

I know it’s the entitlement of every child of the internet generation to slam everything they see on the web, but, seriously, clearly a lot of effort was made here. If the height of your contribution to art and creativity is to sit back and bash people who try and accomplish something, then you contribute nothing.

tl;dr Grow up.

See? Mark Waid warned us about the nu52. He knew it was coming . . . he knew! He warned us all . . . if only we had listened. If only we had paid attention . . .

; ____ ;

Its too late . . .

This is like looking at a drawing by your 2 year old kid…good intentions and earnest, but still, just so so bad.

While it’s clear a lot of effort and time went into it, I thought the biggest problem were the costumes. As someone said, the scenes in the barn are great, very accurate looking, but the moment Wonder Woman walks in, it screeches into a halt. They just stick out like a sore thumb, even in the shots where there is nothing but people in costumes. More subdued tones would have perhaps translated better from the comic into the screen? Anyway, I didn’t think the special effects were bad considering the budget, and I think this does have potential.


May 21, 2013 at 12:30 pm

They got Danny Kelley as Superman. That guy just looks like freakin’ Superman. Good choice there.

whats with the hate? I watched it with the sound off and it looked perfectly fine…a bit like watching old episodes of Xena or Hercules from back in the day with the effects, but still watchable and an obvious labor of love.

I do appreciate the effort and commend them on their passion, but it isn’t very good. The acting is bad. For what it is, it is cool. Pointing out the flaws of something isn’t always bashing btw.

not bad for an attempt for the budget the film makers had to work with. espically given this is as close to a film version fans will proably get of kingdom come since dcs animated division won’t dare try to do it either.

Yup heres the challenge to haters to make something better, oh you can’t? Yes we know.

superman kind of looks like a porn star, but for a fan made film this is not so bad.

Seems like every buff guy they could afford got put in spandex and the rest were in styrofoam LOL (batman, GL …)

A lot of love and labor went into this not-for-profit fan film and I commend them. I had no idea what the story was about since I never read the series and the trailer certainly didn’t help but it looks worth exploring.

Why does everyone hating on the haters’ comments challenge them to make something better? That’s the equivalent of “bro, do you even lift?”

Laurence J Sinclair

May 21, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Budget aside, this just fails to work as a trailer. With no pre-knowledge of the story, someone watching this will have no idea what it’s about. Who’s Ma(y)gog? What’s this war about? Why should we care?

I like the costumes. I want to slap some of the actors.

Wonder Woman especially.

I respect and admire the enthusiasm put into making this. Maybe WB’s animation studio could tackle this at some point in the future.

The acting… so bad….

Here are my honest thoughts, I think that with the budget they got, a lot of the money could’ve been spent in decent actors. I do this sort of thing and I know that a few well placed ads on Mandy could generate you a response. The feel I got is that they got a bunch of Cosplayers together to play act, the dialogue delivery at the farm was painful to watch, I really liked the beginning shots with Supes screaming but the non cg shots, the ones that would make this like the JLA press conference, looks like a bunch of cosplayers, going outside Megacon for a drink. The confrontation of Magog and Supes looks like was shot in someones backyard or state park. There are some things that dont cost a thing to do and could boost something like that up big time, like location scouting and real actors. If this was something with 0 budget and that someone grabbed a handful of his cosplayer friends and said “lets play around with this” I’d say awesome. Great work, but for something with a 5k budget (not a lot by any stretch of the imagination but still a budget) theres a LOT more that could’ve been done, instead of using the comic as a guide for composing the shots, they should’ve just taking the time to properly compose the damn shots, just because its an adaptation it doesnt mean it has to show as the comic frame by frame, I liked what they did with the effects (Powergirl heat vision, Magog Lance etc) but to put this together for Kingdom Come with this budget, maybe they should’ve taken the budget and made a short with a characters like The Question or something more doable. There was a lot of talent involved on this, you can see people put in all kinds of effort but in the end IMHO it looks like Cosplayers posing not really a cinematic feel from it, the costumes definitely didnt help matters much, theres a reason Wolverine doesnt wear yellow spandex is the movies. I wanted to write something that they could use constructively, Im in no way trying to undermine their effort nor am I a “hater”, but if you strip down to the bare bones and not even take the budget into consideration the shots were not composed properly, the acting was really bad, locations were really bad and writing was not even there, it was just lifted from the comics. Those are things they can work on for the future, I say keep it up and try to fix some of it and do it again ,

I liked. :-)
Great FAN movie. Lots of care and respect for the original material, congrats to you guys. And good choice of the key moments as well. Alex Ross himself is a enthusiast of cosplay. Cheers.

its great considering the low burget..i love the book itself ..great effort,really…

Cmon, people! Be nice — it’s fun! It’s a fan made trailer, with little budget. I appreciate the clear love Andrew and his crew have for the graphic novel. Nicely done.

Geovanni David

May 21, 2013 at 8:16 pm

Great work!
It my favorite novel, will be great watching in the cinemas!

$5,000 budget and they couldn’t even get a sound mixer and boom operator for a couple hundred bucks?! Why the hell would you skimp on sound? That would have made it 3x better…instead of 5 grips, have 3 grips and 2 sound dudes instead…

It’s a great job. You can tell the participants all love and respect these characters and source of the material. So when is DC/Warner Bros gonna ‘grow a pair’ and make this into a movie with established characters a la Watchmen…???

I think DC should just go for broke and give us a Kingdom Come trilogy. Forget going the Marvel way and building the universe. There are so many great DC stories that could be adapted without the chains of continuity.

Kingdom Come
Gotham by Gaslight
The Killing Joke
Superman For All Seasons
The Sinestro War

For under 6 Grand this is amazing looking.

I thought the Wonder Woman Costume looked the best, …..But I agree that some subdued tones would have been better for all the costuming.

I would have dubbed the Superman Actors voice (unless he could do it without the accent).

They get an “A” for effort, but for under 6 Grand I don’t think I would have attempted something this ambitious.

How can you hate this? I thought they did great for what budget they had. Better than that crap on the Sci-Fi channel. I hope some independent companies do some good movies. Hollywood can’t seem to do it.

“A” for effort, a labor of love, great costumes…yeah I understand the comments regarding the acting, but at least they cared enough to set aside that much money, personal time, and give-a-shit to come up with something like this. I hope Mark Waid and Alex Ross take the time to compliment them on this–because I don’t think you can give a higher compliment than this.

Orlando Furioso

May 22, 2013 at 10:25 am

Believe me, Waid and Ross will stay as far away from this as possible – a) for reasons that have to do with licensing, and b) because it stinks.

I hate people blaming the budget for the lack of quality on this, to get a decent actor, decent sound and decent shot composition (A DP that knows how to shoot) wouldnt have cost a lot and still made it look more professional. The costumes are cool but in a “uncle bob is dressed a superman again” type of way they needed to be toned down or done it for film, its like with anything else, just watch the movie on youtube the guy shot on his Iphone about the train set, proper storytelling, shots and acting trump money in any way shape or form, its basic filmmaking 101 and not related to budget of any kind.

This was shot on an Iphone in 48 hours guys and it cost $103.. Lack of budget is no excuse for lack of quality, they had the budget to do something really special and it ended up looking like the Super friends legends of the superheroes special..

what a bunch of dicks slamming this thing! Go slam your dicks against something else, you dick slammers! people always trying to put their dicks all over everything… :::::grumbles and walks away:::::

I thought it was pretty good. The only major issues I had were with the Audio:
Wonder Woman Looked and moved great …. but her voice was Awful — Too tinny and whiny. (especially on the opening dialogue).
Superman sounded .. okay, but questionable. plus the others.
80% of the problems had to do with the Audio.

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