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‘X-Men: Legacy’ cover artist Mike Del Mundo draws Hulk hijinks


Artist Mike Del Mundo has been turning heads with his covers to Marvel’s schizophrenic X-Men: Legacy, but we’re learning there’s more to Del Mundo than his mental (in a good way) work. I have no other way to say this, so I’ll borrow a line from a famous movie: Mike Del Mundo has a Hulk.

The above illustration is Del Mundo’s contribution to Marvel’s “Time Travel” series of variant covers, this one appearing on the upcoming Indestructible Hulk #12. But as I explored Del Mundo’s DeviantArt gallery, I found the artist has more than just a casual interest in the Green Goliath, especially putting him in situations outside of what you’d normally think.

Witness the Incredible Hulk … at a spin class:


If that wasn’t enough, here are three Hulk-centric Christmas illustrations Del Mundo has done in recent years that really show how big of a heart a big ol’ lug like the Hulk can have.

Hulk X-mas Card



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May 29, 2013 at 3:01 pm

I like it.

“here are three Hulk-centric Christmas illustrations ”

I only see two.

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