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‘Action Comics’ #1 found in wall of house sells for $175,000

action comics-gonzalezA copy of Action Comics #1 that a Minnesota man discovered in the wall of a 1938 house he was renovating sold at auction Tuesday for $175,000.

Contractor David Gonzalez and his wife Deanna purchased the fixer-upper in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, for $10,100, and while demolishing a wall David found the rare comic amid newspapers used for insulation.

Although the comic might’ve received a CGC grade of 3.0 in the condition it was discovered, that dropped to 1.5 when the back cover was ripped in an exchange between Gonzalez and his wife’s aunt. “That was a $75,000 tear,” Stephen Fishler, co-owner of the New York City auction house ComicConnect, told the Star-Tribune last month.

Still … $175,000. That’s what a CGC-graded 2.0 copy fetched at a December 2012 auction held by Comic Connect.

About 100 copies of Action Comics #1 are thought to exist, but relative few are in decent condition. A near-mint copy owned by Nicolas Cage sold at auction in 2011 for a record $2.16 million.

According to ComicConnect, Gonzalez plans to continue the renovation of the house, but vows he’ll never sell it.

action comics-gonzalez

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Well, it still exists, after seventy years inside a wall. That’s something.

Sounds like greed is what got that back torn.
Why do people flaunt good fortune when it’s discovered? Keep your mouth shut till you got the cash in hand. THEN tell the aunt.

John Lewis Wright

June 18, 2013 at 1:39 am

I don’t talk about stuff like comics with my relatives. I keep my shit to myself. o.o Its nobody else’s business. If people do know, they’re not gonna talk if they’re making money too. Its like… why would you let someone else see it?! That’s something you hide and take to find out what its worth first.

I don’t understand what kind of person puts a comic in the wall of their house! I know that back in the1930s no one knew or really cared about the future value if comics, but still, in a wall? I wish I would’ve bought that house!

Weird about the exchange with the Aunt. I would like to hear the true story regarding that.

Damn, I really wish I’m lucky enough to find this comic someday.

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