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Artists take on their favorite X-Men, yearbook-style

By George Kambadais

By George Kambadais

Inspired by Brett White’s recent Comic Book resources column, Evan Shaner gathered together old sketches of his favorite X-Men, “yearbook-style,” which in turn inspired some other artists to draw their own top picks — as if ripped from the pages of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters/Jean Grey School for Higher Learning annual: Uncanny X-Force‘s Kris Anka, Thugg, Russel Dauterman, George Kambadais and, to bring everything full circle, Brett White.

You can see Shaner and Kambadais’ contributions in full below, with the others at their respective links.

By Evan "Doc" Shaner

By Evan “Doc” Shaner

By George Kambadais

By George Kambadais

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