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‘Avengers Alliance’ coming to mobile phones (plus: Squirrel Girl)

moon knight

Marvel’s popular Facebook game, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, is coming to Apple devices on June 13, according to USA Today, with an Android version to follow “soon.”

Designed by Playdom, one of Marvel’s sister companies within the Disney media empire, the game allows players to assemble a team of Avengers from all corners of the Marvel U. to fight through various missions involving a host of villains. Recruitable heroes include everyone from Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four to heroes with, um, lower profiles, like Union Jack, Black Knight and Thundra.

According to the article, mobile users will have access to 60 missions, with extra chapters, missions, heroes and other items available through in-app purchase. It’ll be interesting to see if current Facebook players will have access to everything they’ve collected in the game if they install the mobile app, or if they’ll be two separate player experiences.

In addition, the article brings some welcome news to current players, as season two of the game will kick off on June 18. Players have been looking at the “coming soon” teaser for season two for awhile now, which has a first chapter titled “Excalibur,” and promises “new heroes, new villains, new locations and more.” USA Today reveals at least two of those new heroes — Moon Knight and Squirrel Girl. Hopefully Namor, Nova and Silver Surfer aren’t far behind.

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Great news! I hope you can link your FB game to the mobile version. But even if you can’t I’ll probably still play it. I’m addicted to the FB version.

Hell yes to Moon Knight.

“Hopefully Namor, Nova and Silver Surfer” [and ARCHANGEL and ICEMAN] “aren’t far behind.”

I really doubt that those like me, who play the game on FB, will play it on iOS devices without access to everything we’ve collected in the game so far.

You would think, seeing how 3 of the original 5 X-Men are playable, that Archangel (or is it Warren now?) and Iceman would be released by now. Make it happen!

Also hoping that FB players like myself would be able to access everything we currently have on the mobile app – it was a bitch to get quite a few of the characters. Hopefully they’re also working on fixing PVP.

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