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Comics oughta have more bear attacks


At Comics Oughta Be Fun, everyone’s favorite, little stuffed blogging bull has declared June to be Bear Attack Month. “Even tho’ they have never gotten their own series,” Bully writes, “bears attacking is one of the most common tropes of comic books both yesterday and today.” That’s why – all month long – he’s featuring comic book scenes of bears attacking everyone from superheroes to Springfield. I’ve included a couple of my favorites below, but there’s lots more (and more to come) at Bully’s site.





David Gallaher

June 17, 2013 at 1:13 pm

Darkstar & The Winter Guard has tons of bear attacks!

Simon DelMonte

June 17, 2013 at 1:44 pm

It worked for Shakespeare.

“Exit, pursued by a bear.”

Would “Bear Beater Bunyan” by Josh Hechinger & Jorge F. Munoz count as a bear attack series. It’s like bear attacks mashed up with pro wrestling and Pokemon.

Never gotten their own series? Really? Foolish Americans!

There is a bear out there who has had his own comic series. It’s full of awesome bear attacks!

He has his own graphic novel!

Call him… SHAKO!

“SHAKO! The Eskimo Word For The Great White Bear. It Means Simply…KILLER!”

The only bear on the CIA Death List!!!“…the-only-bear-on-the-c-i-a-death-list”-comics-they-used-to-be-for-kids-y’know/

This graphic says it all. I loved this series as a kid!


Apparently the Lou Ferrigno Hulk fought a bear, and it’s as corny as you’d expect:

For an actual comic of the Hulk fighting a bear, try this issue of Marvel Fanfare:

Thanks for the great article and link, Michael!

And all you commenters are giving me great ideas…I may need to schedule “Bears Attack! Month II” later this year!

(But at least one of the suggestions above will be coming up!)

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