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DC and Sanrio team up for Hello Kitty superhero products

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Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment have partnered with Sanrio for a new Hello Kitty line, which features the international marketing phenomenon dressed as her favorite DC Comics superheroes, such as “Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman” (although it’s obvious in the image above that those are classic Supergirl and Batgirl).

Debuting next year, the costume-clad Hello Kitty will appear on apparel, accessories and footwear, stationery, publishing, personal care, promotional products and food products.

“Hello Kitty is an inspired choice for a momentous co-branding that will expand the reach and appeal of both DC Comics Super Heroes and Sanrio properties,” Brad Globe, president, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, said in a statement. “This unique partnership joins two powerhouse brands that have a universal popularity across a variety of demographics and we know the collaboration will thrill fans of both properties.”

“Character cross-overs have been a classic Hello Kitty spin off for years and our fans are always in search of the latest collaborations,” offered Sanrio’s Roberto Lanzi. “We are sure that this project will soon create a new collection fever.”



Brave Sir Robin

June 20, 2013 at 10:28 am

Awsome! I think DC should make a comic with Hello Kitty Wonder Woman and Hello Kitty Superman for a cute kitty version of the blather they have planned for the DCU. It will probably end up being better. I bet Soule would agree to write it.

But what we really want to know is…will we get a Badtz-Maru version of the Penguin?

Oh, man, my wife is going to love these. I got her a plushie Hello Kitty in a superhero outfit that came out some years ago (in a cute red onesie with a yellow star in the middle with a blue crown — some amalgamation of Superman and Wonder Woman). She’s had a prominent place at the windshield of our car, protecting our SUV from … being anonymous when parked alongside other similar SUVs.

She’s getting a little faded though, the sun’s harsh rays being kryptonite to her red threads. So maybe it’s time to upgrade her to a Supergirl or a Wonder Woman.

Are we gonna see a Joker or Riddler Keroppi? THAT I want to see!

How about a SuperKeroppi and Batzman?

Where’s Catwoman???

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