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Doctor Strange, Irvine Welsh is calling …

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As Marvel Studios builds toward its Phase Three plans, which we already know include a Doctor Strange movie, we can expect the comics division to launch numerous projects starring the often neglected, and frequently mistreated, Master of the Mystic Arts. When it comes time for editors to recruit writers for one of those — say, a miniseries or original graphic novel — they may want to give novelist Irvine Welsh a call.

In a new interview with our sibling blog Spinoff Online, the acclaimed author of Trainspotting and Filth discusses comic books at length, and reveals that if he were given the chance to tackle a DC Comics or Marvel hero, he would “would do a Grant Morrison and deconstruct the character.” And who would he like that character to be?

“Doctor Strange,” Welsh says, “because I’ve always been a fan and he’s the last of the great Marvels to me who hasn’t been given the big-screen treatment, so there isn’t that preconception apart from comic fans. Doctor Strange fans were always stranger, for want of a better word, and this unique breed in comic fandom always appealed more to me. He’s got infinite possibilities and his personal life is weirder and darker than usual and there’s a lot I can do with that. There’s a lot … I’d love to do with that!”

The entire interview is well worth reading so see Welsh’s thoughts on “shared universes,” Hollywood, comic-book adaptations and much more.



He could be a great counter-point to DC’s China Mieville (of course, Marvel could also scoop of the newly free Mr. Mieville as well…).

So CBR is quoting CBR?


There’s no fathomable reason for Marvel to not give this guy money.

George RR Martin has also expressed interested in writing Doctor Strange, as long as he isn’t involved in crossovers or retcons. That was roughly a year ago and they didn’t take him up on it.

Is that it for Mieville? Damn. It kills me that DC (other guy too) doesn’t go after more of these types…and let them do whatever they want.

I’m a fan – but Strange might work best if written by Jim Butcher. The Dresden Files was good TV and most of the books are good as well. As far as director – I’d go with a gifted Star track or Doctor Who director. They’d have the skills to do a good job and the rep to be trusted with the project. As far as actors. It should be someone with a powerful voice and a enchanting smile – I’d be tempted to use the producer of the good witch TV shows to add charm to the films. Strange otherwise is going to end up being an origin story. And that is not going to be as much fun as a personal story of someone coming to him for help.

too bad we don’t have Vincent Price around. He’d fit perfectly.

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