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‘Dredd’ sequel rumor causes DVD sales spike

1010234_10151520602214843_668376973_nHere at ROBOT 6, we’re hardened hacks who generally don’t get too excited about any old rumor that’s doing the rounds, or report it as a news story, but seeing how I really want this one to be true, I’ll make an exception. Also, some great art vaguely relating to the story turned up recently, and its too good not to share.

The Facebook group Make a DREDD Sequel posted this over the weekend:


From an UNCONFIRMED SOURCE, it has come to this page’s attention that DNA Films will be reviewing the blu-ray/DVD sales of DREDD in the coming weeks and will be deciding whether or not to make a sequel. If this is true, let’s show them how much we want that sequel! If you haven’t already, please buy the DVD or blu-ray! More news soon!

Of course, this is one anonymous source claiming to have another shadowy even-more-anonymous source, and as such should be taken with a double-sized pinch of salt. Who knows what vested interests are at work here, seeking to further their own agendas. Or then again, this could be completely true.  Anyway, this has been enough to spark something of a spike in sales of the Dredd DVD. This was posted the next day:

US fans: We’ve jumped from #260 to #35 on Amazon in under a day.

As of writing, it had climbed slightly higher, to No. 32. It’s also returned to No. 1 in Amazon’s U.K. chart. So, to repeat, we’ve no idea how true this rumor is, but it has certainly had a real world effect. Even if this story doesn’t pan out, well, it has managed to shift quite a few units of a cool little B-movie.

The above accompanying image is a picture, also posted on Facebook over the weekend, this time by legendary 2000AD artist Brendan McCarthy. I’ve always been a sucker for what has come to be known as Kirby As A Genre, and this is a great example. McCarthy has always been known as something of a Ditko acolyte, but he clearly is capable of doing a fair impersonation of that other founding father of the House of Ideas.



Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

Dredd was a very fun and enjoyable movie. I’d love to see a sequel done in the same vein.

DREDD was awesome and it has all the makings of a cult classic that never caught fire in theaters. (Like, say, BLADERUNNER.) I am drooling already for a sequel.

Though… the way these things go… I have measured enthusiasm. The movie was so great because they managed to limit everything in one location and make things relatively low stakes. A minor druglord vs. … say … a world in peril or something. A part of me — ahem! — DREADS what will be cooked up for a second installment. Something bigger and louder? I mean, they can go back to just a typical police raid scenario, right? I almost see this ending up like PITCH BLACK, which transformed into the bloated CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK.

As something of an update: ‘Make a DREDD Sequel’ are now updating to state that the DVD is up to #24 in the US Amazon DVD chart.

It is part of my “To Buy Later” list on Amazon. Now I’m buying it. It is 14 on Blu-Ray (3D).

I really want a Dredd sequel, however, this is certainly not going to happen. DNA films sold off every prop made for the film back in January, basically liquidating the remaining assets of the film.

We seriously need a DREDD sequel. Karl Urban nailed it & he was perfect for the role. I love that movie… I’ve watched it so many times on DVD… Though I am going to buy it on Blu-ray now. A sequel would be amazing. Please, you can’t just leave us with one & not do a follow up!

Well, the bloated Dredd film was there already, as Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone was released in ’96. What killed that film, was not it’s big budget visuals or scope, but the fact that the film was a mess. Too many subplots that had almost nothing to do with each other, characters lifted from the pages of 2000 AD, which had only a minute of screen time and were then discarded (or disposed off), like the Angel gang or the ABC robot. Especially Mean Machine Angel was great, visually, but he was in the wrong story, and died in few minutes after his introduction, and nothing was made of him. There was so much humor to be mined from such a one-note character, like in the comic, if he had been given a longer story arc, preferably in a different movie. And there was also obviously the final insult of changing the whole concept of the mysterious faceless lawman, with Stallone removing his helmet to be able to ‘emote’.
What Dredd (2012) did right was sticking to one story, and telling it to the film makers’ best ability, with the budget available to them. I don’t mind a sequel with a larger scope, as long as it serves the story. Judge Dredd the comic strip has plenty of epic storylines to mine from, like the Cursed Earth Saga, Judge Child Saga, The Day the Law Died, Dark Judges, Necropolis etc., or some more intimate long story arcs like America, satiric short stories played for laughs, along with the straight up, typically short , crime stories. The first film was like one of the latter, but I wouldn’t mind a sequel with a larger scope, more of the city shown and a crisis affecting more people than just the residents of just one (although huge) block. As long as it’s coherent, and not all over the place.

Dude, it doesn’t matter they auctioned stuff off. First, it wasn’t all of it (just check out the DVD extras, they had TONS of stunt props). Second, don’t you think they made a lot more money selling this stuff than it’ll cost to make new stuff?

Eustace Fargo

June 24, 2013 at 3:10 pm

Sam: “DNA films sold off every prop made for the film back in January, basically liquidating the remaining assets of the film.”

Nope, they kept some, not that it matters: Captain America auctioned off every single prop as do most other films because it costs money to store props as they wither and rot easily if not taken care of. It’s easier to just make new props and costumes for sequels and they usually re-design/alter them anyway.

With Dredd the auction was just more public and done as a PR campaign to promote the blu-ray release. Most auctions the public rarely hears of.

Skilled propmasters cost so much, so no, I do not think DNA made more money selling the props off. It was simply to try and recoup some of the box office loss. And that is why a sequel is unlikely; props or no, the film needed to make around 40 million domestically to stand a chance and it made 13. Investors will run a mile rather than greenlight it unfortunately. That being said, it may survive as a TV series…

I think what we’re going to end up seeing is a straight to DVD Dredd 2, starring (if Murphy’s Law works right) a wrestler like Randy Orton in the lead.

Eustace Fargo

June 24, 2013 at 3:47 pm

“Skilled propmasters cost so much, so no, I do not think DNA made more money selling the props off.”

They didn’t sell the props to make money; they sold them as PR for the blu-ray release.

Do you know how much DREDD has made on blu-ray/DVD/download sales? It only cost $35 million to produce the film (not incl. marketing which was paid for via pre-sales) and it sold more on blu-ray/DVD in the US during its first month of release than it made during its entire theatrical release in the US. This trend has been reflected globally and it’s why DNA are considering a sequel. If it hadn’t do well in retail they wouldn’t be bothering.

I’m not sure why people think because a film flops at the box-office it can automatically be ported over to TV. It doesn’t work that way.

I get the impression that Urban would not want a huge fee; seems he’s a genuine fan.

The sequel needs to enter the Cursed Earth and bring in the Angel gang. Keep the plot simple and let it highlight Dredd as a badass once again.

Thank you for chiming in, Judge Fargo. How is cryo-sleep working out for you? ;-)

Concerning props, you can buy a pretty good leather replica suit online for something like 400 quid (don’t believe me? google “Leather Next UK movie replicas”). And those seem to be custom-made to order. So no, I very much doubt making the props they need will be expensive (and they sold stuff like stunt costumes – like Dredd’s vest with the bullet hole in it – they wouldn’t be using again anyway).

I’d love to see the Angel Gang too in the sequel, and Chopper maybe, and something of the Democracy storyline, to explore a bit of the background.
I’d really stay away from The Day The Law Died, though, since the Stallone film screwed that up already.

That said, a TV series would be brilliant. One could adapt entire story arcs as well as do some “crime of the week” subplots.

I just purchsed it. Fingers crossed for another!!!


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