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‘Drive’ director adapting ‘Incal’ for big screen

MAR111170One of the greatest comic series ever may finally make its way to the big screen. However, most people in the United States haven’t even read the book.

Late last month at the annual movie spectacle Festival de Cannes, Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn revealed in an interview with France Inter that he was beginning work on a big-screen adaptation of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius’ epic graphic novel series The Incal.

Debuting in 1981, the comic follows a one-time bodyguard named John DiFool after he comes in possession of a powerful artifact — the Light Incal — which leads to various factions of a galactic empire coming to take it from him. Based in part on the Tarot, the series is space opera but in a way very much unlike Star Wars.

In late 2011 the U.S. arm of Humanoids released a deluxe edition of the first six issues of The Incal, featuring a foreword by Brian Michael Bendis, after a long and tenuous series of previous printings in America. First released here by Marvel’s Epic line, in the past 20 years it’s had printings at DC and the U.K. publishing house SelfMadeHero.



Andrew Collins

June 13, 2013 at 10:50 am

I don’t know about those other releases from DC or SelfMadeHero but the recent Humanoids release was ridiculously overpriced (as are most Humanoids releases). I was lucky enough to find the Epic collections for cheap last year at a used bookstore and was finally able to read the series. Thankfully, it lived up to its reputation and is quite brilliant. It will be interesting to see if the filmmakers can accurately reproduce the visual language Moebius brought to the book, which is every bit as important to its impact as Jodorowsky’s writing…

If you compare the Humanoids hardcover release to the tripe that Marvel or DC charge a C-note for, it was well worth every penny. Especially since it was the first English release since the Epic edition that featured the original, non-horrendous coloring. This is one of the masterpieces by one of the seminal comic book creators of the 20th Century, and compared to the current market, its price was in no way “ridiculous” (although the size of its print run was).

I’m curious about the description “The first six issues”. The “Classic Collection” *is* the entirety of the Mobius/Jodorowsky Incal, isn’t it? There was a prequel series with a different artist, but I don’t think there’s any more Incal material by the original team besides what was collected in that volume (same as the three Epic volumes and the two horrible DC/Humanoids paperbacks).

Yes, the “Classic Collection” is the entire Incal series, 308 pages. Also, After coming out with the Deluxe Edition, Humanoids came out with a regular hard cover edition that you can get for about $40-30, give or take. Highly recommended.

Now if only someone would adopt the Metabaron…


The Incal was originally publishes as 6 separate books, the “Classic Collection” contains all of them. There is a sequel to the Incal that was abandoned (by Moebius at least) after 1 issue. That one has never been translated in English (It is pretty garishly coloured like the American recolours of the Incal, it’s not Moebius’ finest moment imo).

Interesting, thanks for the info.

Do note that the sequel was redrawn/continued by José Ladronn and is still being published in France.

If this goes well, this can open the door for other great projects such as the Metabarons. I think the Metabarons could make a great TV series (HBO style), and this could certainly open the door for it, especially if they cast The Incal well.

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