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Final cover for ‘The Complete Zenith’ escapes into the wild


As the date of 2000AD/Rebellion’s limited release of The Complete Zenith draws near, the publicity campaign for the book also reaches its, uh, zenith.

No matter where you stand on the ethics of the release, or on the matter of the material’s ownership (and I’m sure there will be plenty more claims and counter-claims on that issue to come), it must be stated that the final cover is a great-looking design, strong and bold and graphic.

zenith cover final

Like many people, I’m conflicted about this: It’s a great-looking book, but the price definitely seems more than a little gouge-y (£100, or about $151 U.S). And I’m no fan of work-for-hire, so I kinda want Grant Morrison to push this matter a little harder. I also think Rebellion, the current owner of 2000AD, is doing a great job at stewarding the grand old anthology, and in many ways is just trying to deal with problems it inherited from previous regimes, to the satisfaction of the title’s fans. I’ll watch how this develops with interest, but its hard to pick a side to root for.



I have the first 3 collected books; they’re hard to get. This would be nice, but so expensive.

Hope someone scans this.

Rebellion, take a look at Humanoids and their Metabarons Ultimate Collection which is a beautiful hardcover collection that goes for around $40 (similar page count to Zenith) on I’m sure Zenith will be a very nice product, but at $150+ I’m not buying it.

I buy everything with Morrison’s name on it but no way am I paying that much for a book that looks to be half the size of the X-Statix omnibus(which I got for $84).

I have been a dedicated 2000ad reader for the last year and half or and really want to read Zenith, but if I paid the £100 for this my wife would divorce me…or at least be very cross about it. Rebellion are putting out some great books, and I am sure that the production values on this will be up to their usual high standard.

I am a little unsettled by the online talk about the ownership issue. If I was buying this, I would want to ensure that the creators were being fairly dealt with. The online murmurings are pitching this as a cross between the Miracleman ownership and Watchmen debacle. However as I haven’t heard any official news to the contrary, I would have to give Rebellion the benefit of the doubt assume that the the publication of the book is above board, and hope that they will publish a more affordable editiion at some point in the future.

And that is a pretty awesome cover!!!

I have the available reprints, and would love to get this to be able to finally read the story. It looks cool, but the price point, the limited print run and the sketchy nature of this seems more like an ‘f.u.” to fans than not.

This book is overpriced and its publication without Morrison’s nod is troubling to me given the murky ownership issues involved. I hope it is made available later in an affordable format with the approval and participation of all the creators.

For now my pocketbook and conscience will keep me away.

of course when the series was published in 2000 AD they believed they had the rights to the old IPC characters and gave a supporting role to classic UK character “Robot Archie” only to later discover they never had the rights…
It’s a bit hard to defend the copyright of a series which is violating a copyright

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