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First look at Jeff Smith’s ‘RASL’ in full color


Cartoon Books has released a 10-page color preview of the hardcover collection of RASL, Jeff Smith’s sci-fi noir series about a dimension-hopping art thief. The comic, his first major work following Bone, was originally serialized in black and white over 15 issues from 2008 to 2012.

“[Doing the Bone books in color] did give me more confidence,” Smith told CBR TV in April at WonderCon. “It also made me think color sells a lot. There’s a lot of people really attracted to the color. So, I kept Bone in black and white because that’s what I really like, and Scholastic does the color versions. Now, I’m self-publishing RASL again, but I wanted to explore color with it on my own. I got Steve [Hamaker, Bone colorist] back and we discussed — it’s got a noir-ish, hard-boiled feel to it, so it can’t be the same thing as Bone. It’s not a fantasy, it’s not a comedy and we worked really hard. We struggled for months until we came up with a palette that was very rich and very smoky and very different from Bone, and yet it is actually better than the black and white. I’ve very happy with it.”

The 472-page RASL hardcover can be pre-ordered now for release in September.













I bought all these last year at the indie thing next to SDCC (can’t remember the name right now) and I think it works better in b&w.

I hate black and white comics (they look cheap and unprofessional), so I am definitely more interested in this series now.

What size will it be printed at? Any special edition planned?

Trim size will be 7.5 x 10. Will be hardcover with foil stamp and jacket with spot gloss.

We will be offering a limited edition preview copy at Comic-Con in July and limited editions books at this September.

Too bad those of us who bought the first volume of the digest-sized B&W series are left dangling. The color is pretty, and all, but I don’t really want to buy any of this material for a third time.


I just noticed something funny in the narration when he’s breaking into the apartment:

“These gigs used to take me months to set up, years sometimes…”

When was Rasl ever spending “years” setting up art thefts without the Drift? Wasn’t he a scientist before he discovered the Drift?


Stoked, i loved this series and will def buy the colored edition. looks way better in color.

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