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Gerard Way shares art from his unused Batman pitch


Musician and comics writer Gerard Way once pitched a Batman miniseries to DC Comics titled Kingdom of the Mad, and this weekend on Twitter the former lead singer of My Chemical Romance started sharing some of the concept art.

The designs are “from a comic I pitched to DC the year Gab[riel Bá] and I won the Eisner” in 2008 for The Umbrella Academy, Way said on Twitter. He notes that it was approved and would have been released through Vertigo; however, he tweeted, he “Never got to write it. Sadface.”

Check out the cover and designs for Batman and Mr. Freeze below.







DC probably got worried when he said Bruce Wayne would sleep hanging upside down because he “thinks hes a bat”.

I like to think that “thinks he’s a bat” would’ve made it into the final comic

Thanks to lord it never happened, this could have ended as an emo batman

Dear god thats actually worse then the nonsense that is the NuDCU. Ugh

“Thanks to lord it never happened, this could have ended as an emo batman”

Spoken like someone who has never read Umbrella Academy. Also, heaven forbid anyone ever publish a comic not aimed directly at you.

These designs are phenomenal. A shame he never had the time to write and draw it. Maybe now that his band is on a break, he’ll have time to work on more comics?

As oppose to the emo Superman we got in Superman Returns. This wouldn’t have been half as bad as that.


June 3, 2013 at 9:26 am

You guys are harsh. An actually insane Bruce Wayne? That could’ve been a neat little Elseworlds book.

I agree with Jason. The designs are great and radically different. Not so sure about his notes but he was onto something different here…and that is what comic books are so desperately lacking these days. Originality!

nice art work espically love how mr. freeze kind of looks like a robot . too bad dc decided not to publish it.

The real question Is when the hell Is the next Umbrella Academy coming? Or will It ever?

This would have been really interesting.

When I first heard that Gerard Way was going to be writing a comic, I figured it would be the usual Hollywood vanity project, but UMBRELLA ACADEMY turned out to be one of the best comics I have read in years (both volumes) and I look forward to more.

That’s such a pity. It would have made for an interesting comic and could have gotten a lot of attention in the mainstream media. I wonder why he never got to write it?

Anyone who wrote off Umbrella Academy because of his band missed out on one of the best comics of the last decade, hands down. I really hope that MCR’s demise means we can see more writing output from Mr. Way. This looks like it could have been an awesome Elseworlds tale, when DC still had enough fun in them to publish those.

It’s too bad that they didn’t at least give this a shot. I’m not sure if I would have liked it, but it would have been interesting to check out. I’ve actually always wanted a Vertigo Batman series.

He said that they okayed it, though, but he never had time to write it. So DC DID give it a shot!
Lovin the Joker’s design!

This sounds like a really interesting project, reminds me of Gotham by Gaslight, one of the best and possibly first Elseworlds stories. Maybe he can work better now that he has more time to write?

Big silent movie influence there, I think. Batman puts me in mind of the Somnambulist from Caligari, and Mr. Freeze owes a big dept to the robot from Metropolis. Nice idea, now that I think of it: the Joker was lifted pretty much directly from The Man Who Laughs, after all…

Looks interesting. Sure, if this were a reboot for the main Batman title, I would be against it, but as a Vertigo title? Would’ve been awesome!

I would’ve read it.

Ahhhhhhg. I would LOVE to have read this. Way has potential to be a proper comics heavy weight. I’ve got umbrella singles, TPBs and am going to get the absolute style books too. Can’t wait for killjoys. Gerard Ways brain is wired to write Batman. I hope this happens.

Sign me up for this one too–looks really cool and the story sounds really intriguing!

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