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Justice League saves the day in new Target TV spot


Target’s new partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment received a promotional boost this week with the debut of an animated TV commercial for the retail chain featuring the Justice League. In their New 52 costumes, no less.

Announced last month, the agreement includes an exclusive summer collection of Justice League merchandise — there are more than 50 products, ranging from a Wonder Woman kids’ camp chair to Batman snack cups to inflatable pool toys — as well as other items, such as temporary tattoos and even rocking chairs. Target has a shop on its website devoted to the Justice League products.

In the 30-second TV spot, a woman suddenly realizes she’d forgotten her child’s birthday party, and calls in the Justice League for help with a last-minute shopping spree at Target. Hey, they didn’t have anything more pressing to do. Unfortunately, Batman’s utility belt aside, those costumes don’t leave much room for cash or credit cards …

The collection’s Justice League-themed pool toys include an inflatable Batmobile, being modeled below by CBR Senior Editor Stephen Gerding’s daughter Keira, and Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, being used by her older sister Sienna.


invisible jet



Man, the New 52 costume designs are so cool! I bet they really help sales and I hope they stick around for good! /sarcasm

So, I saw this commercial last night and wondered: why did they put the woman in what looks so much like a Jubilee costume.

Am I the only one?

These have been out for quite a while and are already starting to sell out at the store I work at. I got my godaughter the full slate of Wonder Woman gear (kickboard, beach towerl/cape, felt tiara, placemat, plate, and sippy cup) for her birthday and her older brother the seven figure Justice League set (all the New 52 Founders) and a Lex Luthor for his birthday.

Clearly, Superman’s heart is breaking a little inside that they didn’t go to Sears instead.

Ahaha, I notice that Cyborg is featured on almost no merchandise. Perhaps because nobody, anywhere cares about him?

@penguintruth: Aquaman, neither. He even barely features in the beach gear, which would be a natural fit. Batman bucket, Superman bucket, Wonder Woman bucket … no Aquaman bucket. All Arthur Curry gets is a rake, cuz his trident conveniently matches the shape of a rake. I imagine if a beach set didn’t get a rake, he’d be plum out of luck.

Oh, man, Cyborg… how does it feel to get less merchandise than Aquaman?

The New 52 costumes really?

The one bane of comics since 1992–the threat of characters turning into sellouts.

The Canadian chain Zellers ran similar commercials in the 80s with Batman and Robin, and while the execution hasn’t improved any since then, at least there’s precedent…also ironic in that Target just recently bought out and converted all the Zellers stores in Canada.


June 18, 2013 at 1:26 pm

I didn’t now Jubilee had joined the Justice League???

Also, I noticed that at the end of the ad, none of the heroes had any money on them because their outfits don’t have pockets.

Somewhere, Rob Liefeld is cackling. “I told you they needed pouches! I TOLD YOU!”

Dear God, the new costumes are ugly.

I can just hear Geoff Johns screaming that Aquaman MUST carry his golden trident. NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Wow! Justice League figures, t-shirts, lunchboxes…! They sell everything with Justice League on it… well, except for comics of course…

I’m bored and feeling very snarky so:
— @Dekkanar: I’m not sure if that’s the most ironic joke in the world or you don’t actually know that Jubilee was already a riff on Robin. And I kinda like not knowing…. ;)
— @dnWilliams: cranky old fart much?? But seriously, I think Target just didn’t want the kids of today looking up to men hanging out at the Target parking lot who wear their underpants on the outside. (I’ve met them, and believe me, they are no heroes….)
— @El Santo: Yeah, and Leifeld’s also tweeting that the mom is a “fat piece of crap” while doing it….

I think she looks more like Kitty Pryde. That’s just me.

The little girl with the Batmobile is just the cutest! I can’t wait for our baby to get here. We’re due in November!

Kory Stephens

June 18, 2013 at 3:28 pm

Dear, DC

STOP MAKING THE NEW 52 HAPPEN!! It’s not gonna happen!

Anybody want cheese to go with that whine?

As if Barry couldn’t just run home and get his wallet in the time it took to show he had no pockets :D

If anyone’s curious, I was the Lead Designer on this commercial. :)

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