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‘Mass Murderer of Steel': Kyle Baker’s brutal (if fun) film critique


Countless words have already been written about the carnage and wanton destruction depicted in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steelthe big Metropolis battle would’ve left an estimated 129,000 dead and another 250,000 missing — and many more will likely be devoted to the subject. But leave it veteran cartoonist Kyle Baker to come up with an imaginative and (dare I say it) fun critique of the blockbuster that’s more devastating than any long-winded review or essay.

Mass Murderer of Steel is a browser game that allows players to try their hand at recreating the citywide brawl between Superman and General Zod. With the click of a mouse, you can send the two Kryptonians hurling into a building, raining down bricks onto the streets of Metropolis and death onto its screaming citizens. Not even the city’s sole tree is safe …




Good joke, but as a game, it sucks pretty hard.

So it’s faithful to the source material, then.

Where’s the Avengers Movie version if we’re being picky?

In that game, you play Captain America and your job is to give an evacuation plan to the civilian authorities, while fighting to protect innocent bystanders.

I just don’t get the complaint. We are supposed to bemoan the fates of imaginary people we never see? Isn’ t that just a form of mental masturbation?

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