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Never mind the Morlocks, here’s the X-Pistols


It’s not that long since we featured Butcher Billy’s New Wave Justice League, but here’s another artist working a similar beat: James Zark‘s punk rock/X-Men mash-up, the X-Pistols. James is selling prints of these designs through his Society 6 storefront. Above is Glenn Danzig as Wolverine, but my favorite is the Debbie Harry-as-Phoenix one, which is also available as a pillowcase. And why not? Throw pillows are punk, too. See them all after the break.




Joy Division’s Ian Curtis as Cyclops

Iggy Pop as Angel

Iggy Pop as Angel

Johnny Rotten as Ice-Man

Johnny Rotten as Ice-Man

Henry Rollins as Colossus

Henry Rollins as Colossus

(via JIMSMASH!!!)



This is fun. I like the Danzig and love the Debbie Harry. And the article header is fun too :)

Yay! Photo tracing! It’s modern for ‘Talent’!

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