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Socks of the Day | George H.W. Bush’s Superman socks

george bush

Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush is known for several things — some good, some … not so good — but recently, he’s established a reputation as sock aficionado. Not just any socks, though: The more colorful, and the mouth outlandish they are, the more Bush 41 seems to like them.

For the introduction of the Houston Texans’ cheerleading squad in April, he donned the stars and stripes, and for the dedication of his son President George W. Bush’s library in May, he broke out a pink pair (with polka dots). So what did he choose for his 89th birthday on Wednesday?

Superman socks, of course. If you can’t tell from the above photo, circulated by Bush’s spokesman, they’re these Superman Cape Crew Socks, complete with red trunks, yellow belt, S emblem and, yes, a cape.

If the former president is considering another comics theme for his 90th birthday,we’d like to cast an early vote for these novel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Masked Crew Socks:

tmnt socks



Yup, evil people need socks too.

You’re thinking of his son. Rao knows H.W. wasn’t a great President but he was the best Republican President since Eisenhower. Of course, that’s not saying much but his administration was the best at foreign policy maybe of any admin in the 20th century.

I WAS IN JR. hIGH when he was president. It wasn’t bad. The Berlin wall fell and that’s the last time something big and good happened.

You’d probably respect H.W. and Reagan more if you were one of the unfortunates stuck in the disintegrating Soviet/East German dictatorships, Marc.

and apparently people need to make asses of themselves on comment boards. Can’t you just think it’s cool that political figures like geek culture without interjecting your politic opinion of the person? Glad to see 41 supports the red shorts.

Meh, he was all right, I guess. At least he was a straight square, with few overtly fundamentalist flourishes.

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