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The Fifth Color | The Overwhelming Avengers

mighty_TEASERThis morning, Marvel held a press call to confirm that this week’s promotion of a new team only referred to as “Mighty” would in fact be a new Mighty Avengers title, set to debut in September. Now, you’d think a new team of heroes that includes both She-Hulk (Jen Walters flavor) and Adam the Blue Marvel (lost hero of color) is and tied to Jonathan Hickman’s turn at bat in the latest event series Infinity would be pretty cool. Hickman has assembled Avengers these days for big, mind-bending reasons. These are characters who don’t get enough screen time (if any) and might not get the chance at their own solo title, so why not enjoy this young new team for a chance to see more heroes?

Shouldn’t we be grateful? Don’t we need another Avengers team? How’s that hole-in-your head collection coming?

Let’s face it, Dear Reader, we’ll be looking at six Avengers titles on our shelves beginning in September, and I’m starting to feel a little fatigued. What is it that Avengers teams even do anymore? Why do they need this name so badly? Setting aside the Iron Man-Captain America team with the original-flavor name, I can give a pass to the “Uncanny” Avengers because it’s a mash-up of Uncanny X-Men and Avengers, which is the team’s motivation: It’s a combination team with a combination name. The others aren’t as easy to define: Secret isn’t an Earth’s Mightiest Team as much as a S.H.I.E.L.D. ops unit that has superheroes in it. Avengers Arena isn’t an arena for Avengers, it’s a group of teens who come from a variety of different teams or schools. New Avengers aren’t even really Avengers, either; they’re the new Illuminati.

As savvy fans, we know the word Avengers is marketing gold. Having a book named after one of the highest-grossing films of all time makes perfect sense. “Avengers” as a shorthand term for “team” is right along the lines of “Justice League” being the Distinguished Competition’s vocabulary choice for the same. It tells the reader these are a heroes who work solo as well as in a group. However, as invested fans, none of it makes any sense. Why are they Avengers? What exactly makes an Avenger an Avenger anymore?
In years past, it was a superhero club with rules and a charter, the works. You could be reservist or an active member or even retired. There was a line between being an Avenger and not being one, but both seemed prestigious enough to get by. Yes, there has been some government intervention and some coordinated efforts with other groups, but the Avengers was both a heroic title and a social club. During Civil War, it was a circle of protection, a way to watch each other’s back and show solidarity in the face of a government lockdown and overwhelming odds. Avengers were avenging themselves in a way and holding to tradition, straight from Captain America himself.

Nowadays, we’ve said the word Avengers over and over to the point that it’s lost meaning. It doesn’t feel like a club, more like a militia. It doesn’t feel like a way to protect one another, it’s more of a way to protect everyone and everything in a way that feels more like Doctor Strange’s domain. It’s a catch-all for doing Earth’s Mightiest work, and while that’s appropriate and less loosey-goosey than the Bendis years, when the Avengers were the best heroes to have breakfast with, it still seems a little worn out.

Reading about this morning’s press call, I’m a little more reassured than I was when the names unfolded. The Mighty Avengers will have a purpose: to protect Earth after the other Avengers teams are away on the events of Infinity. Senior Vice Presdient-Executive Editor Tom Brevoort spoke about wanting to make a team that the late Dwayne McDuffie would approve of, with at least 50 percent non-white, non-male characters. Normally shying away from a minority-focused team, Brevoort noted he had concerns that putting one together would seem forced or fake, but that “the reality is that the people who are interested in these characters and want to see heroes that reflect them have a genuine point.” So when Marvel had a chance to make a new team that didn’t have any major requirements as to who had to lead and could really come from anywhere, the company took the opportunity. Especially with characters like White Tiger and the new Power Man, characters that the majority of the Marvel audience hasn’t heard of, bringing them together in a team allows for some on-screen action and a bigger chance to gain some new fans.

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But why do they have to be Avengers? By this point, I think I might have heard the name so much and on so many books that the word Avengers has lost some of its meaning. For those with pull lists and long reading lists, it might be difficult to keep track of what story came from where when all your books are called “Avengers” something or other. Were there no other names available? I know the Champions are probably still under legal restraint; years back when Matt Fraction was tapped to bring back that brand, Marvel had learned the name had been usurped by someone else. His book was then re-titled The Order, and it’s a great read if you get the chance, but I can see why this new team doesn’t fit the Order’s moniker. Could we use the Defenders? I know there’s a Fearless option on the stands, but maybe two Defenders titles might not be as awkward as six Avengers books. Perhaps, and I know this is crazy, but maybe we could … make up a new name? Perish the less-marketable thought.

mighty_CVRHitchLook, I know it seems petty to pick on the new team for its name when it hasn’t even had a chance at a first issue, but that’s the point. Getting that first issue off the ground and into the ebb and flow of the Marvel readers’ universe will be difficult, and the big A on the book might be more of a hindrance than the publisher might be used to. Not everyone can afford to pick up every comic that sees the light of day, and when it comes down to it, that’s why the cover is there: for us to judge the book.

A different name than any other book on the stands right now might make an impact with those looking for more comics to read. Then again, those looking for a book to read at all are going to go with an Avengers title; it’s a known brand. Aside from my own ongoing disappointment with Greg Land’s art, I really want this book to succeed. It comes from honest intentions, fits a purpose to a plot and will help showcase a lot of characters that aren’t Wolverine. I just hope they’re mighty enough to break through the rest of the Avengers titles to stick around.



When they don’t put Avengers in the title and the book gets cancelled what then?

Look at the Defenders. That book had everything going for it including writer, artist, characters, and yet… Canceled. Would it have been different if it was the Defenders Avengers! Better writing from Fraction woulda helped too.

I agree with you, Carla. As much was I really enjoy most Avengers books, goodness, there are so many of them. I think Secret, New and Arena should be renamed.

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Has the word lost all meaning, does it look funny yet? Yes.

I have been saying for a while that eventually every hero in the Marvel U will be either an X-man or an Avenger (or both). I’m feeling more like a genius every day…

Charles J. Baserap

June 7, 2013 at 6:18 pm

And yet when it sells a bazillion copies for months, Marvel will be vindicated.

If the books didn’t sell, they wouldn’t do it. Full stop.

Oh boy. Blue Marvel. That guy has a least a dozen fans. This book will rocket to the top… Of the cancellation list.

I wonder who’s worse…Marvel with it’s multiple Avengers titles, or DC with scores of Bat-related books?

I’m sorry, but this commentary hits the nail on the head on all levels. I swear, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and now the Avengers are more overexposed than Dan Akroyd’s buttcrack in that one Lisa Loopner sketch from Saturday Night Live.

So, does this mean that She-Hulk is no longer in the FF? Or has she joined the ranks of heroes that are on multiple teams at once (esp. Wolverine), regardless of the continuity questions?

I had a conversation similar to this with a non-comics fan on another forum, she was asking about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch because I was posting the news about the movie appearances of them and she asked about ‘who could be an Avenger’ and I said, ‘well… these days, pretty much everybody.’ I copied over the list of members from Marvel Wikia and the list of X-Men members (didn’t get into X-Factor, X-Force, X-Statix, New Mutants, etc) and she was like ‘HOLY COW! That’s mental!’ I told her, like Samax said, ‘these days everyone seems to be either Avengers, X-Men, both or not in a team.

This will have the same problem that Defenders had, 3.99 for a bunch of characters that aren’t exactly known to be the most popular. The addition of Spiderman helps, but Greg Land….ewww.

Jake Earlewine

June 8, 2013 at 5:31 am

Long ago, the Avengers were a team, a club, with their own identity. Now they are a mob.

The name has lost all meaning. And there’s no going back.

All of the popular lines are suffering this. It’s not financially responsible for any consumer to pick up books based on title or character alone. Not only does the Avengers’ name suffer this marketing complex, but so do: Batman, Justice League, Green Lantern et al, and Superman perhaps suffering the worst of all currently. It’s impossible to follow these characters/groups because it is financially unreasonable to pay that much money and still think that it is worth it given the incredibly uneven quality of the purely name-based method of promoting or buying books. Not just are the quality of these books wildly uneven from title to title and month to month (which undoubtedly is enough), but the creative teams tends to have such a great turnover (and irregular runs by the artists that require breaks in order to try to ensure they are doing a quality job and this requiring fill-in artists). The result of this turnover in creators (especially at DC but problematic for both corporate models) are broken or short story lines. When a serialized comic book does not have a consistent story from month to month due to creator turnover or fill-ins, it is impossible for a great story to be made. The greatest comic stories last a certain run or arc of issues, telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end. This is why the vast majority of collected and republished comics are done in the graphic novel format created by one singular writer and one artist. (You don’t see runs of comics that have five writers and five artists being published; why is because it would be an incoherent mess that makes no sense to republish as a book.)

The result of these problematic corporate practices by both Marvel and DC are using the label of Avengers or Batman purely to move large numbers of books at the detriment of the product.

I’d get this if Greg Land weren’t involved. I suffered through too many years of him ruining X-Men comics.

Just don’t read the mighty avengers book, read what you want and move on.

Obviously, the name is a marketing tool. If the market could support multiple Defenders books, there would be multiple Defenders books. Right now, the market’s responding well to the Avengers brand, so Marvel’s tagging everything it can with the Avengers label. Mighty probably has a better chance of succeeding as part of the Avengers franchise than it does as part of any other Marvel franchise at the moment.

The same is true for Avengers Arena. The series could’ve just easily been called Arcade’s Arena or Runaways Arena or what have you, but the book likely would’ve debuted to smaller sales totals, since those brands don’t have nearly the same cachet in today’s market.

If Secret Avengers were debuting this fall, though, Marvel probably would’ve included SHIELD in the title, in effort to capture some of the attention the new TV series will surely garner. In fact, don’t be surprised if a comic called SHIELD does find its way onto shelves once the TV show proves to be a hit.

While linking new series to an establish brand is sound business, having half a dozen books share the same title is sure to result in some fatigue and resentment; a brand can only be stretched so far. For the most part, at least, Marvel has been able to give each Avengers series a unique identity. Uncanny Avengers is the X-Men hybrid experiment. Avengers proper is the big picture series. New Avengers is the Illuminati book. Secret Avengers is the SHIELD series. Avengers Arena is the Battle Royale/Hunger Games/Lord of the Flies book. And, Mighty Avengers is the Earthbound — perhaps even street-level — series.

The only title that seems to lack a clear purpose or concept is Avengers Assemble. When the series debuted, it was the book that featured the movie cast in the MU. Now, its function in the Avengers line is less clear. Is there any particular niche that it fills?

Will Mighty Avengers top the sales charts the same way the new adjectiveless X-Men just did? Honestly, probably not. But, will Mighty Avengers debut higher than Mighty Champions would’ve? Based on the branding alone, yeah, probably. (Although a new Champions team would totally pique my interest, but that’s me.)

Put Tigra on the team and maybe we’ll talk, Marvel.

I just hope She-Hulk gets to stay on FF despite Mighty. It’s funny how Wolverine and Batman can star in many titles and on many teams, But Zatanna (removed from being the co-star of JL Dark to be a tertiary character in JL) breaks “continuity” if she double dips.

As long as all the books have different themes and goals, I don’t see the problem–although Arena isn’t really an Avengers book at all.

If Mighty is more of a street level team, then that’s another different theme, just like Secret is spies, Uncanny is a collaboration between X-Men and Avengers, and Hickman’s books are the “big” books.

If they were all the same, just with slightly different rosters, then it would be annoying.

Right now the only problem I can see if how often Captain America and Iron Man show up playing major parts on multiple teams as well as in their solos.

I think there are enough threats in the Marvel U to constitute this many Avengers teams.

There are more than six titles. I count eight: Avengers, New Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Secret Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Avengers Arena, Avengers Assemble, and Avengers AI.

Fun Fact: After Mighty and AI debut, but after X-Factor is cancelled, there will be more Avengers titles than X-team titles for the first time since Uncanny was just in reprints in the 70s.

Bottom line, the Big 2 are corporately run entities now (with DC having recently been made an official WB entertainment division around the time Disney bought Marvel). At that level of abstraction it’s all about brand recognition. In this case we’re talking about a brand within a brand. Marvel now means: Avengers, X-Men, Spider Man Other. And when you think about that from a business perspective, it makes sense. They have the Avengers division and the X Men division. Most everything falls under those two umbrellas. Fantastic Four is one of the few to keep it’s identity, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we see a “Fantastic Avengers” title.

In terms of “Other”, I think you may be able to count the books on one hand that don’t fall under one of those categories: Fearless Defenders, Fantastic Four, FF, Daredevil, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Journey Into Mystery, Thunderbolts, and I’ll even throw Deadpool in there.

Now is it wrong? I actually don’t think so. It seems to work pretty well. It’s like event fatigue. If we’re all so tired of events, then why is every issue of Age of Ultron in the top ten books every month? Likewise with AvX? If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t do it. And IMO, if slapping Avengers on a concept gives it better sales and keeps a title alive, I couldn’t care less. Personally, I really like the lineup of Mighty Avengers so I’m checking it out for that reason. If they called it the Power Pack (which could have been clever and corny at the same time) I’d still be checking it out.

So the Illuminati in the New Avengers book aren’t “even really Avengers.”

Iron Man – Avengers #1 (1963)
Black Panther – Avengers #52 (1968)
Beast – Avengers #151 (1976)
Namor – Avengers #262 (1985)
Mr Fantastic – Avengers #300 (1990)
Doctor Strange – New Avengers #27 (2007)
Black Bolt – Not really an Avenger.

The Mighty Avengers team might have a bunch of lesser known characters, but Monica, Falcon, Luke, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and Ronin (the name and costume, at the very least) have pretty solid Avengers credentials. And the Secret Avengers team may be a SHIELD thing, but they team is largely built from long-time Avengers.

Besides the fact that slapping the name “Avengers” on a book gives it a better chance to succeed, there’s actual logic to all of these being Avengers books based on the characters actually being Avengers characters. The only book where that isn’t strictly true is Avengers Arena, and even that was at least in part spinning off from Avengers Academy (a legit Avengers book), so I don’t have a problem with it.

The real question is whether or not all of these books should exist at all, not whether or not they should be called “Avengers.” But as long as they’re all doing something different and people are reading them, I think the answer would seem to be “sure, why not?”

The sad part of this whole book is that they felt they had to put Spider-man on it for it to sell.

Although I no longer collect (just keep up with the news) I would have so been all over the multiple Avengers titles. I always preferred that side of the Marvel Universe to the whole X Men/Mutant side. Yes, I’d even buy a title with Greg Land’s tracing if it had Avengers in the title.

why does this arguement only come AFTER the announcement of mcduffie avengers? This book is just replacing dark avengers on the publishing schedule so why wasn’t this opinion made a big deal of before the announcement of this particular iteration? not saying “racism” by the way, just wondering why THIS is the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the Avengers concept.

Marvel might be over-using “Avengers” because of the movie, they think they’ll attract more readers because of the brand name. But for newcomers who are coming to comics from the movie, it’s not exactly a friendly start. Which title should THEY be reading?

The main Avengers book? Is that the only one that counts? – Except that none of the extra characters (like Sunspot) appeared in the Avengers movie.

Oh, but then Black Widow looks like Scarlet Johanssen on the cover of Secret Avengers 1 – is this the lead book? Oh, it isn’t.

It’s just too confusing for a newcomer reader. Marvel are actually shooting themselves in the foot by doing this.

“The Mighty Avengers will have a purpose: to protect Earth after the other Avengers teams are away on the events of Infinity”

Yeah – and what happens when the other Avengers teams come back from Infinity? What will their purpose then? Will the book be cancelled – or will Marvel change the purpose?

What a bunch of BS.

I’m an Avengers fan from way back and the way they are watering down the name is depressing. But I guess it sells.

Force Works anyone?


June 9, 2013 at 2:07 pm

It’s simple. The Avengers were Disassembled. They were then reassembled with more “social club”, less “charter and bylaws”. Bendis made them more informal, which made them, in my opinion, a lot more readable.

Black Panther is not on the Mighty Avengers team. Did the writer of this article mean to say White Tiger?

This is a little bit of a silly point because we all know that if they called this book anything else it would not have sold. Marvel is going to have a hard enough time selling Black and Hispanic heroes but to add a team name that has no ties to something like avengers and you have a book that wont sell at all. i am sorry but this article just comes off as petty and silly to me. Lets read the book(lets hope a lot of people read the book) and decide if we really like it. And hey lets try to read comic we like not just comics we think we have to like, I personally have not read any Avengers since The last Mighty, and that is just a matter of preference i don’t care about events or any of the other “frosting” that comics have become. Lets read what we like, if you go to the comic shop and you see a book you think looks great and you pick it up and gasp…you like it…BUY IT. It does not matter if its the third string group of Titans or if its the crown jewel of a company’s’ line. Just…see it…read it….enjoy your comics.

an really buy this book because if this book bombs they will never try this kind of thing again. just saying.

This is why except for Fantastic Four and FF which occupy their own little corner of the universe, I tend to steer clear of Marvel. And hopefully Jen doesn’t leave the FF. Ignoring all other Marvel books doesn’t led to a conflict of continuity, much the same way it didn’t when Spidey was a member even though he’s in as many other books a month as Batman and Wolverine.

I could be wrong here but I read a couple of Avenger titles and have been a Marvel zombie for a while now but I think ‘Avenger’ is just another word for superhero in the MU. Plus it never hurt any team book to have multiple titles, they DO sell and if you can make each one work then what the heck go for it. At least it’s got different characters in it, it would be more of a wind up if it was just the big 3 AGAIN with a couple of others thrown in.

Wolverine is a better example of over saturation as is Batman.

ALSO no one is forcing anyone to buy it.

@Ian A. I think the book still fills the niche of being a fairly movie-audience friedndly book. It’s the same in tone to the movies and it’s stories are straightforward–moreso than Hickman’s Avengers (which, don’t get me wrong, is awesome).

In any case, I have mixed feelings. Ultimately, for me, it’s about the stories and if it’s a book that’s different and distinct from all of the other Avengers books; however, I’m a little afraid that the metaphorical Avengers bubble will just pop and Marvel will be left with its seven Avengers books while, say, Silver Surfer, is suddenly the new thing.

No restrain kills the excitement but companies don’t care.

Now this would make 7 books with the word AVENGERS in the title, but at least this one has superheroes inn the cast and is more in line with what we expect from a team with the name AVENGERS, with it’s own “hook”. We’re forgetting about Dark Avengers, the book that used to be named Thunderbolts, and the only true Avenger, let alone legitimate hero, on that team is U.S.Agent!
Besides, this is not new when compared to the baffling plethora of books about and related to the X-MEN.

Baron Von Munchausen

June 9, 2013 at 7:05 pm

The Mighty Avengers SHOULD be an Avengers book. This is an Avengers team. Much moreso than either of the completely banal teams which Hickman has orchestrated for whatever his vague ends are.

Secret Avengers, New Avengers, and especially Avengers Arena should NOT be carrying the Avengers name. They have nothing to do with the Avengers. Secret Avengers is SHIELD with superheros, New Avengers is Illuminati, and Avengers Arena is so far removed from an Avengers book it’s ridiculous. (Seriously, wtf, why is that an Avengers book??)

So where was this like three weeks ago before Dark avengers got canceled , or when Avengers Ai was announced? Second a book with a majority black/hispanic cast gets announced its, oh we dont need another avenger book. Lol ya got to love it.

As one of the Blue Marvel’s “dozen fans”, I’m overjoyed to see him back. I certainly plan to buy this book.

One thing – I’ve noticed many people refer to this team as “street level.” While I’m sure this is not the intention, I wonder if people use this descriptor because so many of the team members are minorities? Because, as far as I can see, this team is no more “street level” than any other Avenger team. Indeed, with the Blue Marvel, arguably Marvel’s single most powerful hero on it, the team has to be much more. Throw in Monica Rambeau and the She-Hulk and you’ve got a pretty powerful group here (Monica was, at various times, portrayed as one of the most formidable Avengers ever. Who else could stagger Zeus? And SH has, at times, been portrayed as being as powerful as the Hulk)

The two Power Men are not really “street level” either. Certainly, Luke Cage is physically strong enough to put him in a class comparable to the Thing.

Its street level because most of them are black.

I find it funny when people say “I called it!” referring to the fact that everyone in the Marvel U. will end up being an Avenger or ex-Avenger at some point.

EVERYONE knew this would happen as soon as Bendis and Quesada mentioned their intention to “JLA” the Avengers. Hasn’t everyone in the DCU ended up being on one of the many Justice League teams at one point or another? America, Detroit, International, Young, etc.

That being said, I agree that the number of books with Avengers in the title has become a punchline. The first book to make me feel this way was Avengers The Initiative (which is just about the most stupid-sounding name for a book that I can remember.. those 3 words simply do not make sense together, much less flow). After that came the avalanche… including Avengers Arena, which is a joke in and of itself considering I’ve been reading just about every Avengers-proper volume since 1985 (including every single issue of the West Coast division) and I’VE NEVER HEARD OF THESE KIDS BEING TARGETED BY ARCADE.

If someone like me – a lifelong Avengers reader – has no idea who these kids are, why is the word Avengers on the cover?

Dilute, dilute, dilute… every good thing that ever happened to Marvel has been diluted to death. From the gimmick covers of the 90’s to the far-fetching excuses to add the word “Avengers” on every single book Marvel publishes… clearly, at Marvel, anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

As a lifelong reader of the Avengers, did I have a problem with JLA’ing the team? Not at all. I welcomed Spidey and Wolverine with open arms. And unlike the cool kids online, loved Bendis’ entire run on the book.

Every. Single. Issue. *

(* Except the Xorn arc. Man, was that horrible. Not even I could defend that.)

Really, I would only say that Avengers Arena has no real tie to the Avengers. Uncanny is an officially chartered Avengers Group, and Secret while not “officially” chartered is an off shoot of Cap’s black ops avengers.

Dark Avengers was an intentional evil parody of the original, a super villains social club if you will, and New Avengers with the Illuminati, is just following the charge provided by the previous (in many ways the Illuminati is even more a social club like the original Avengers).

So, yes, it is marketing, but then again, if you were an avenger, would you join the Crime Busters? No problably not.

In the same way that all mutant books for no particular reason have prefix X all non mutant books have the suffix Avengers.

Back in the day you had the West Coast Avengers, which was an off shoot of the original team, expressly because there were somethings that the original team might not get arround to, or were outside of (also Hawkeye wanted to be the boss, and so needed a place without Cap and ironman) .

Really, I don’t think there are more Avengers Books than X books. so before saying has Avengers lost all meaning, let’s ask if X still has meaning? If it does, then it does, and so does Avengers.

Each book (again with the exception of Arena) has a direct tie to the Main Avengers Line, as I’m sure Mighty will as well.

If nothing else, Mighty is Luke Cage doing as Hawkeye did some 30 years ago, taking his own ball and starting his own game.

All very much in the Avengers Tradition.

you know, as far as marketing goes, one thing you can say about the book, is that it’s filled with characters with highly devoted but relativly small fan bases.

So the She hulk and Blue Marvel fan Bases might be relativly small, but we know they are going to show up, and if you merge them, well then you just might have enough people to maintain the book. Especially once you add Luke Cage and White Tiger.

I don’ t know enough about Powerman 2.0 to know if he has a fan base as well, but I’ll wager, that like White Tiger, if nothing else, he’s likley to bring in the kids who just started reading Marvel because of the cartoons (even though in the cartoons he’s an actual teen age luke, but the costumes the same). And of course White Tiger has loyalty not only from Oldschool White Tiger Fans, but also all the avengers academy folks (who like Avengers Arena) turning in to find out the latest adventures of their favorite heroes.

Now all we need is for someone to put the infatigable Boulder onto a team, and I will be truly happy.

Incidentally, tapping into She Hulk to sell books seems like it might be trend, as she is not only in this book, but the defenders book, the FF book, and of course the (ending) Red She Hulk book.

Folks know, you have a strange concept but need a loyal fan base to show up, give us Jen and we will follow. Here is hoping she becomes the Wolverine of the next Decade.

Dear DC PR team err…I mean Comic Book Resources,

Can we expect the same article about Batman?

Kind regards,


They could call them “The Might Power Punchers”. Yes, Marvel you can use that and I’m available for further team name naming.

As long as Avengers is still a big deal at the box office, Marvel will be pushing the synergy with the comic brand as much as possible. What amazed me is that this was actually trending on Twitter when the announcement came out. Really? Another Avengers title is THAT exciting?

Speaking of overexposed, will they stop with featuring Wolverine in so many titles? Or is the plan to have him featured in every single comic they produce, just because?

vonslaich for the win!


New Avengers
Avengers Assemble
Secret Avengers
Avengers Arena
Mighty Avengers
Avengers A.I.
Uncanny Avengers

Is that the lot of them? Dark Avengers isn’t a thing anymore, is it?

I get equally lost in the X-Men titles as well.

Oh wait, I forgot Young Avengers.

So. . .just looked up “Blue Marvel” on wikipedia. He is a Superman-type flying brick who also has energy powers who has been around since the 60’s and only recently surfaced in the public knowledge (deciding to sit out all the major events like the Kree-Skrull War, the Coming of Galactus, Atlantis Attacks, etc.). So, he’s basically another Sentry? Wonderful. I think marvel has enough interesting characters that they can stop trying to retcon in a Superman :P

As for the team, it could be interesting although several characters seem a touch redundant. Power Man, She-Hulk, and Luke Cage all kind of bring the same thing to the table. What is the difference between Ronin and White Tiger? It seems to be that they could shave the roster by about 25% and have a nice solid cast to work with.

“So. . .just looked up “Blue Marvel” on wikipedia. He is a Superman-type flying brick who also has energy powers who has been around since the 60′s and only recently surfaced in the public knowledge (deciding to sit out all the major events like the Kree-Skrull War, the Coming of Galactus, Atlantis Attacks, etc.). So, he’s basically another Sentry? Wonderful. I think marvel has enough interesting characters that they can stop trying to retcon in a Superman :P”

The Blue Marvel is one of the most interesting characters I’ve read in a Marvel book in a long time. Yes his powerset is comparable to Superman, but has Superman ever been asked to stop being a super hero by John F. Kennedy just because of his skin color.

I for one am excited to see the Blue Marvel getting a little more attention. Sadly, I feel that Marvel is putting too much of a minority focus on the book. Or at least the focus seems forced. Remove Powerman and Falcom and the book would seem more balanced.

The only viable way for Marvel to create something financially sound without one of the big two (X or A) brand names backing it up would be for them to trim their lines back down to fewer books so a name like Defenders might actually seem like an accompaniment to a single Avengers book. But that means risking losing sales with that new book, which could also mean less money to pay creators and staff, which would be kinda crappy for anyone they’re paying right now.

I’d like to see more books with different names, but it’s not likely to happen because of the risk, which is something big corporations like Marvel/Disney will want to way up before making decisions.

Erm…aren’t DC putting out around 16 Bat books in Villians month? (17 if you include Superman/Batman)?

Anyway, I guess CBR needs to do press like this so DC will not black list them like they have other sites (The Outhouse, I’m looking at you).

While I do find it pretty hilarious how many times I see “X-Men” or “Avengers” in my Midtown Previews cart each month, I don’t mind if it helps a book last a little longer. That said, I feel like we underestimate reader knowledge and vastly overestimate “new” readers. It’s 2013, they can certainly do their research before stepping into a comic shop (or, let’s be real, Amazon or a B&N for a collected edition). As long as each of the books feel worthwhile to me, I could care less what the title is.

That said, I desperately wish Greg Land wasn’t on this book. He was almost tolerable on Iron Man when it was all suits and aliens, but it’s going to be excruciating watching him used differently colored traces of the same photos he’s been referencing for the last decade.

It’ll be good to see Luke, Monica, White Tiger, the new Power Man, and Falcon back in action (because the latter has been pretty quiet in Hickman’s book). I’m also totally unfamiliar with the Blue Marvel, but good lord, that’s one costume that really needed a Now! redesign.

“Anyway, I guess CBR needs to do press like this so DC will not black list them like they have other sites …”

Or it could be that Carla’s weekly column is devoted to Marvel comics, so she … wrote about Marvel comics.

Blue Marvel is awesome. That mini-series by Kevin Grevioux was a great read. I highly recommended you break the bank and go buy that trade. Hold on though, you goofs don’t read these comics, you just talk shit like chirping little birds on the internet. Comic fans who don’t read comics. GTFO.

I read 2000ad each week and Al Ewing has done some brillant work on Judge Dredd, and Zombo is wrong in so many ways, but so, so right. He is a great creator and I will be more than willing to give the book a try on the basis of his name alone.

I don’t really have a view about how many Avengers books constitutes too many.

I understand the branding is pretty strong and Marvel want to have their various flavours of book to cater to various tastes. Whether this dilutes what it means to be an Avenger, I couldn’t say. It isn’t anything that a good writer couldn’t fix in an issue.

If you look back at 90’s Avengers, they were horrible. Lots of leather jackets and grimacing and trying to be the X-Men and failing. And then after a spell in the Rob Liefeldverse, they came back to us in the care of the Kurt Busiek and George Perez and as classic an Avengers run as you could care for. Basically, what I’m saying is that it is all fixable.

I don’t read all of the Avengers books. I do read Young Avengers (and love it deeply) and I’m following the Hickman Avengers book in trade. I got the Warren Ellis run on Secret Avengers and thought it was great fun, but not so Avengery.

At least once each month, a grandmother comes in to the comic shop and asks for “this months Avengers,” for her grandson. The kid behind the counter will ask her, “do you want New, Secret, Plain, Academy, Halal, Extreme or Ringo?” and after sputtering, “nevermind,” she leaves empty-handed.

I think Avengers Arena, New Avengers and Secret Avengers are the problem here. Mighty makes sense to me. These are all (mostly) former Avengers who come together to protect the world during a crisis when the regular Avengers are off planet. The writer is spot on though that Arena, New and Secret don’t make sense in context of what the books are actually about. But as every one has pointed out, Marvel is going to milk the Avengers title for all its worth for as long as they can. If it brings new readers in then at the end of the day who cares. Lets get more people supporting the medium. But yes, there will come a point where Marvel and DC have to figure out a way to sell a comic WITHOUT Batman, Wolverine, Spider-Man, GL or an Avenger in the title.

I would rather have a dozen titles with the word “Avengers” in them if they helped bring eyes/readers to characters who don’t typically get a fair shake than I would have a dozen titles free of the Avengers name with the same line-ups that fail to pull people in, regardless of how good the writing and art were. Because, sadly, that’s what a lot of readers (not all, but a lot) have become: people who mostly follow the brand names. Marvel knows this and they want to sell more books and expose more characters to more readers, so why wouldn’t they jump on that? It’d be stupid of them not to.

I would rather have a dozen titles with the word “Avengers” in them if they helped bring eyes/readers to characters who don’t typically get a fair shake than I would have a dozen titles free of the Avengers name with the same line-ups that fail to pull people in, regardless of how good the writing and art were. Because, sadly, that’s what a lot of readers (not all, but a lot) have become: people who mostly follow the brand names. Marvel knows this and they want to sell more books and expose more characters to more readers, so why wouldn’t they jump on that? It’d be stupid of them not to.

It’s easy to complain about the overuse of the name Avengers but better that than complaining about yet another title…especially one pushing the diversity everyone is clamoring for…getting cancelled.

smh at the line being drawn as soon as some folks see a few brown faces.

I have to admit I am excited for this title. I was wondering if they would attempt a diverse superhero team after giving us two female driven teams. While I don’t care for Greg Land’s art, I am going to go out on a limb and say he will probably only be here for the initial arc or two. I actually think the Mighty Champions would suit this team better, as the throughline is that the Avengers have gotten so huge that they have forgotten who they were fighting for, similar to Bendis’s Luke Cage led New Avengers. And the Champions are just that, champions for the people. As it has been stated in a majority of the previous posts, calling it Mighty Avengers may make the difference between having a year’s worth of stories or fans not taking a chance on a new title and it only lasts six issues. I think what would also bring more eyes to this book is to sell it at $2.99. Although, that is wishful thinking I will still support the book.

I forgot, I see that there is a new Ronin. Who else thinks it is Iron Fist?

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